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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Also known as: Witness Of A Persecution (Modern Version) Sequel to Forensic Heroes

Grand Production '08
Episodes: 30
Bobby Au Yeung
Frankie Lam
Kevin Cheng
Charmaine Sheh
Yoyo Mung
Linda Chung
Astrid Chan
Raymond Cho
Florence Kwok
Fred Cheng
Matthew Ko
Vivien Yeo
Oscar Leung
Synopsis:Every contact leaves a trace
Every clue serves as a silent witness against crime

Bomb disposal expert YEUNG YAT SING (Kevin Cheng) returns from England to visit relatives and he comes across a grenade case by accident. With his tactful and level-headed approach, SING is highly appraised by Senior Chemist KO YIN BOK (Bobby Au Yeung) and is being invited to join the Forensic Division. In a little while, SING becomes the division’s rising star. By work, SING gets back in touch with his long-lost best friend KOO CHAK SUM (Frankie Lam). SUM serves as a forensic writer and he is going to get married soon. Accidentally SUM’s fiancée LAM DING DING (Linda Chung) is killed in an explosion and BOK’s police girlfriend LEUNG SIU YAU (Yoyo Mung) also loses the ability of holding a gun in the incident. YAU’s duties are passed to MA KWOK YING (Charmaine Sheh) from the Narcotics Bureau. Both SUM and SING find YING extremely charming with her smart and unfathomable characteristics in case handling.Integrated the laboratory techniques, logical reasoning and forensic knowledge, the trio strive to fight against crimes tremendously. As they get to know each other more and more, the entangled triangle of love also starts to hinder their working relationships.
Credits to Astro On Demand
Due to Linda's schedule conflict, they had to killed her off.

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