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Friday, July 26, 2013

Awfully Lawful - Review

 Series: Awfully Lawful
Eps: 20
Broadcast line: TVB
Main Leads: Roger Kwok, Sharon Chan, Raymond Cho, Pal Shin, Johnson Lee, Selena Li
Producer: Lam Chi Wai
Scriptwriters: Chan Kam Ling

Where should I begin with this series. I really didn't expect anything from it. It was fun to watch and very relaxing. I really enjoyed watching it and definitely I will re-watch this. It is not draggy and you'll laugh in every episode. The comedy in this is just priceless. I really have nothing to say except one word that will sum it all, AMAZING!! Yes, this series is truly amazing and I really did enjoy it. I hope TVB release more comedy and laid back series, something that is more relaxing and will release your stress. This series is definitely one of those that will help ease your mind. Nothing to worry about and just sit back and watch with no worries.

The series had an great cast and it brought out the love and the warmth from them. I felt the warmth and love as a whole, it really made the serial even nicer to watch. I really like how the cast combine as a whole, it really seem they had fun filming this. Some series that I had watch, I can't really feel the warmth and love from the cast. But this series it had bought all those onto the screen, which it creates a very warmth atmosphere. This is one thing that I really like about this serial and hope that other TVB series will be like this as well. I really felt the bond between the cast!

Other than that, definitely got to be the comedy. When was the last time I had watched an amazing hilarious series from TVB? I don't remember.. haha, but seriously I had to laugh out loud in every episode. I clearly loved the comedy, it is perfect and wasn't extremely forced or irritating. It was clearly pure amazingly funny.

Favorite characters? Hahaha.. I got plenty, basically all.. hahaha. Okay, I seriously loved the two boys in the serial. Felix and Louis, they play twin brothers, but they are really not twin nor brothers. They are actually cousins. Felix is Sharon son while Louis is Joyce and Raymond's son. Six years ago, Sharon left her son in the care of her sister to find her ex-boyfriend. She had regretted that decision and return to Hong Kong. After she had return, she followed her sister around and when Joyce, her sister found out that Sharon was following she had told her to get lost. Joyce was really mad at what Sharon had done in the past and had not forgive her since. But later in the serial, they had made up and live together. Felix didn't know about his birth mother until the very end of the show. Although, they didn't show it, but I'm pretty sure it was clear that he knows who's his mother. 

I'm serious, these two boys are adorably cute and hilarious. They are four in the show and as four years old, what they say are pretty funny. They are just SOOOO Cute and Funny!! I just want to pinch their cheeks..LOL. Selena on the other hand is also one of my favorites. She plays a spoiled rich girl, but this time its not irritating nor annoying. Its adorable and funny. I loved her personality in here and the way she dressed! Her wardrobe is beautiful and her wigs..haha. Each time its different to match her outfit. She is obsessed with her husband, Master Fish, played by Johnson Lee. They are so cute and hilarious. Selena would watch him like a hawk and if there is a girl pass by him, she would get jealous..haha. She is also a lawyer like the rest of them and its nice to see that she won a case. During her case with Johnson's aunt, she didn't ask any questions or anything, but she still won! Haha. It was pretty funny how she got so upset that she was pregnant... overall her character was definitely likeable.

And of course the four guys! You got to love them!  They shared an amazing bond and love! They are so funny and especially when they come together, its speechless. I just love seeing their scenes especially! Its so funny and they do not take their job seriously. First we got Ming sir (Raymond), Solo (Roger), Fish (Johnson) and lastly Jazz (Pal). They are hilarious and love their group pictures..haha. Ming Sir and Jazz are partners of a law firm and they recruit Solo and Fish to join the firm. They didn't really want to work, but when a case comes on they will work diligently and seriously. Ming stole the company's money and left, after he return he was completely different. Like a 360 degree turn, a midlife crisis it But he was funnier than ever, at first I wanted to kill him..hahaha, but I forgave him. Solo of course from his name, we all understand what that means. He even named his car Island. But eventually, he broke out of his "island" and fell for Sharon. Jazz dream about being an singer and love music and never want to be a lawyer. And for Master Fish, well he is Selena's husband and I guess he was the normal one in the group? Well Roger is normal too, but they are all funny!

Overall, I really enjoyed the show and it was definitely a perfect comedy. Well, I guess you can't really say perfect, but it was decent and up to your expectations. It was to me, I thought it was hilarious and enjoyable to watch. Definitely something to watch after a long hard day, something to keep your mind from all the craziness.

Yes, I definitely do! Watch the show, it wouldn't waste your time and hurt you! It will give you a laugh, guarantee, if not you all can yell at me! ;P


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