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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Just hearing this duet from Boscolie makes me smile. Along with news and pictures or them, my smiles just get bigger and bigger. I am truly truly really happy for them. They are meant for each other and I wish them forever happiness together. Can't you guys just see that they are glowing especially Myolie. Every time she's on the news, we can see that she is shining and glowing each day. She is so happy and we can definitely see that she is really happy with Bosco. Myolie finally became more cheerful and is more open up now. From her interview we can see that she had a unhappy and lonely childhood but now every thing had change for her. Even the way she see life had changed after she had met Bosco. I am really happy and hope that they use this song for their wedding =P 
Just every time it makes me smile. Seeing them like this make me even happier for them!! Can't wait for the wedding day!! 

News Update: Myolie Wu: “Bosco Wong Healed My Childhood Emotional Scars!”

Okay first thing first...there is something wrong with my connection. I can't go onto google hence I can't log onto blogger with firefox and internet explorer, but I can on safari. Can someone help me solve the problem? I don't want to have to use my sister's computer just to blog. Some tell me the reason why I can't go on to blogger? Help me =\

Last year, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒 ) won the TVB Best Actress Award for her performance in Curse of the Royal Harem <萬凰之王>. For the career-minded Myolie, winning the TV Queen title was not her ultimate goal, but rather marked the beginning of a new chapter in her life. After 12 years, Myolie finally received public acknowledgment [of her acting]. She vowed to work hard to repay the audience’s support, while thanking TVB executive, Tommy Leung (梁家樹), and Producer Poon Ka Tak (潘嘉德) for granting her opportunities. In 2006, nominated for her role in To Grow With Love <肥田囍事)>, Myolie lost in the Best Actress race despite being one of the initial favorite contenders. Fortunately, boyfriend, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), attentively comforted her, allowing Myolie to emerge from this difficult period in her life.

Grateful Towards Father
Myolie was extremely grateful towards her father in sending her two sisters and herself to study abroad in Belfast, Ireland. Since Mr. Wu was a civil servant in Hong Kong, his children received the benefit to study abroad. In Myolie’s mind, her father deserved a lot of respect. He loved to read books and was currently enrolled in a Translation Studies program in university. In his spare time, he utilized the dictionary heavily to perfect his fluent English skills. Mr. Wu was interested in continuous self-improvement. In this aspect, Myolie was influenced by her father’s hard-working ethics, making her realize that hard effort was required in accomplishing her goals.

In a Constant State of Anxiety
Myolie only studied for several years in high school in Ireland. Due to living overseas, Myolie’s perspective in life was broadened, increasing her independence. Since her father possessed a traditional Chinese personality and kept his feelings internalized, it was difficult to outwardly display their love for each other. Initially in the interview, Myolie only spoke of her father. Upon prodding, Myolie revealed that her parents had divorced when she was 8 years old, after which the 3 Wu daughters lived with their father. When Myolie’s mother was 24 years old, she gave birth to her first daughter and subsequently, two more daughters every two years. Perhaps too young at the time of marriage and motherhood, Myolie’s mother did not have enough fun in life yet and was unable to sustain the marriage.

“Ten years later, when I was 18 years old, I saw my mother again.” Reserved in speaking about her family situation, Myolie said, “I had studied abroad during my teenage years; furthermore, young children cannot understand adult matters. Under my elder sister’s arrangement, I was able to meet my mother again.” After years of separation, Myolie did not possess any special feelings upon seeing her mother; the meeting felt as if it took place between strangers. Mother and daughter see each other frequently now; her mother would go to Myolie’s house to prepare soup for her.

Myolie’s parents often argued in front of their 3 young daughters. After divorcing, perhaps Mr. Wu was upset and thus did not like to bring up the girls’ mother in conversations. Myolie said, “Initially, I was afraid to even mention my mother and we were not allowed to see her. If I violated this rule, it was as if I had committed a great sin! After growing up, I realized that there was no need for my parents to have ended their marriage on such a poor note. Divorce was not a big deal.”

Growing up in a single-parent family, Myolie stated that she did not possess any sweet childhood memories. There were no incidents where the entire family went out to have fun together. Her elder sister got married and have 3 children. Witnessing her sister’s family when they were together, everyone very warm and happy. Myolie said, “My sister is very protective of her children. Perhaps she did not want her children to experience what she had in her own childhood.”

Parents’ discord resulted in the emotional scarring of a person’s childhood. It was a painful experience and gave the child a lot of stress. “I could only force myself to grow up [quickly]. Although I also suffered reverberations of my parents’ divorce, my eldest sister was impacted the most. As a result, I developed an extremely high alertness level in protecting myself well.” Myolie became less cheerful and more sensitive, often in a state of anxiety. Possessing this type of personality, it was even more painful to work in the entertainment industry.

Myolie did not carry any ounce of blame towards her father, instead possessing only gratitude upon realization that her father had worked very hard to raise his daughters and send them to school in Ireland. Mr. Wu straddled a great deal of responsibility upon his shoulders, why would Myolie discredit his efforts? “He tried so hard to ensure that my sisters and I received a good education. This is already very important!”

Similar to the scenario found in dramas, Myolie’s mother warned her three young daughters to not address her as “Mother” in public. Myolie’s mother often went out with her female friends and was nowhere to be found by her family. Did the girls have to worry about their mother and where she went? Myolie said, “I learned how to take care of myself at a young age. There was no need for me to cook, but I learned how to clean the laundry. Growing up under such circumstances, it was impossible to develop a ‘Princess Attitude’ in life. Instead, I became very tough!”

Studying in Ireland
Studying in Belfast, Ireland was also a defining experience that trained Myolie’s perseverance. Living abroad as a young teenager, Myolie did not know anything and was faced with prejudice. “Arriving in another country, my English skills were weak, how was it possible to communicate with other people? I remember that I was very poor at the time. It took me 3 years before I was able to catch up in my English!”

At Myolie’s school in Ireland, her living and food arrangements were provided. “However, the money for extracurricular activities was not included.” During her summer vacation, Myolie returned to Hong Kong in which she found a job at a restaurant as a juvenile worker, escorting customers to their tables and giving them their dining tabs. While working, Myolie thought to herself why she was servicing other people and not the other way around? If Myolie were to work 20 days at more than $100 HKD per day, she would earn over $2,000 HKD. Exchanging into approximately $200 British pounds, this would provide for half a year of her expenditures while studying abroad.

Myolie recounted living in a small town while studying in Belfast, Ireland, “It would take 15 minutes of driving to go through the entire town. In order to save bus money, I would walk to the town center in the middle of the cold wintry weather. I only ate French fries because they cost one British pound. Adding fried fish filet would cost $5 British pounds, which I could not afford.” During those years, Myolie did not own a down coat, thus she was chilled to the bones. Although the town did not have a Chinatown, it did have a Chinese restaurant. When her friends asked her to have dim sum with her, Myolie did not have money but she still joined her friends. If she were to eat with them, she would have to pay over $10 British pounds, thus she would claim that she already ate elsewhere.

Joining Miss Hong Kong Pageant On A Whim
Money could not buy a poor experience in one’s youth. With her poor youth, Myolie learned to cherish things in life. Realizing that her father already tried his best in paying for her education, Myolie did not ask her father for additional money. After completing high school, her grades were quite good. She was accepted by several universities’ Pharmacy programs in the United Kingdom. Myolie said, “I wanted to become a doctor, however I did not get straight A’s in my grades. Thus, I applied for the Pharmacy programs despite knowing that my family had no money to pay my tuition. If I were to attend university in the United Kingdom for 4 years, the tuition would cost $1 million HKD, without factoring in dormitory and food costs yet!”

Without the proper funds, Myolie enrolled in Hong Kong University to study Biology. At the time, her father had just retired and Myolie did not want him to find a job as a security guard to pay for her education. “Many things in life seem to be pre-arranged. My friend in school applied for the Miss Hong Kong pageant. I enjoy singing and had performed in my school drama club. I worked as a model to earn side income. However, I never considered entering the Miss Hong Kong pageant. My friend asked me to go with her, thus I bought high heels and a swimsuit last minute to enter the pageant."

“I was afraid to tell my family that I had applied for the Miss Hong Kong pageant, until I was selected as one of the official contestants. My father was conservative and insisted that I complete school before entering the contest. Fortunately, my stepmother, who was Japanese and was more open-minded, supported my decision. I was selected as a contestant in April/May while my university exams were in June.” Weighing her options continuously in her mind as to whether she should participate in the pageant, which posed a low chance in winning, Myolie wondered whether she should waste her one year of studies at Hong Kong University. “Finally, I thought of a solution. I went to my professors and told them that I intended to participate in the Miss Hong Kong pageant. I begged them to allow me to take the final exams early.” Her professors, who were from overseas, agreed to allow Myolie to fulfill her dreams and requested that she not reveal the examination questions to the other students.

After Myolie became the second runner-up in the 1999 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, Hong Kong University kept her grades active for one year. When she started filming dramas, she officially withdrew her enrollment status. After working, she started earning a salary. As a student, she did not have high expectations for her salary. Realizing her weaknesses during filming, Myolie could only continue to learn from each of her costars. Filming day and night, there was an occasion in which Myolie only slept ten minutes [in one day] and three hours within a six-day period.

Risking her life at the job, Myolie no longer need to be concerned about the days of having no money. Requiring a basic lifestyle, she did not love buying designer brands or especially expensive clothes. Possessing the financial strength to invite her elder sister to live with her, Myolie’s motivation to earn money stems from the desire to not lack money in her life. Realizing that money does not mean everything, money can buy one moment of happiness, but not necessarily everyone’s acknowledgment, which was especially important in the entertainment industry. If the audience were to disapprove of her acting, then the results would be undesirable.

Sister Is An Understanding Confidante

“I have returned to Ireland with two of my friends, changing flights in London. The London airport is very lively and each time, I will pass a restaurant which serves caviar and seafood. In the past, I did not have money to purchase such items, now I can enjoy them anytime, shop in London and stay at the most expensive hotel in Belfast, which cannot be compared to the basic past hotels I stayed at. At the time, I wanted to stay at such high class hotels for the experience.” When Myolie approached a bottleneck in her career, her elder sister served as her confidante. She was a very understanding listener, who had studied psychology. Since Myolie’s sister experienced an unhappy childhood, she tried very hard to help others attain balance and happiness in their lives.

“Bosco Wong Complements My Life”
Accepting the 2011 TVB Best Actress Award from Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) and Patrick Tse ( 謝賢), Myolie cried tearfully, while publicly thanking boyfriend, Bosco Wong. She stated, “I know that I have many faults, but so do you! However, I hope that we can continue to support each other.”

Myolie and Bosco have dated for 7 years, maintaining an underground relationship all along. Dating secretly, Myolie was often very alert, scanning her surroundings carefully to make sure she was not photographed, “I am rarely photographed by the paparazzi!”

Due to their secret romance, Myolie and Bosco had to be extremely careful when meeting. While filming To Grow With Love <肥田囍事>, Myolie experienced a difficult period in her life, causing her personality to become more extreme. “When I gained weight for my role in To Grow With Love, he (Bosco) said I was quite intolerable. It is as if I had to face a difficult obstacle and did not know if I can handle it.” Former TVB executive, Stephen Chan (陳志雲), even suggested that a production crew follow Myolie around everyday to film a reality show on her weight gain, which can be used as a promotional tactic.

“After filming for one day, I was very stressed out and cried in front of the camera. Although I had to eat non-stop to gain weight for my role in To Grow With Love, I had no appetite.” Bosco Wong completely understood Myolie’s psychological dilemma and was very gentle towards her. Cooking noodles for her to eat, Bosco also provided emotional comfort to Myolie.

Bosco Left an Initial Poor Impression Upon Myolie
Myolie and Bosco met on the set of Triumph in the Skies <衝上雲宵>. The first impression that Bosco gave Myolie was not a good one. Myolie thought that he frequented night clubs and was not faithful to his girlfriend.   She felt that he was not a good man, in which she said to herself, “This is definitely not my cup of tea!”

When it time to film in War of In-Laws <我的野蠻奶奶>, Bosco had just started leading TVB dramas. In Myolie’s mind, she thought that Bosco would only be focused on playing and not working hard. However, her initial judgment was wrong, “It turned out that he was very hard working and adapted quickly! He also possessed another good quality, in which he was very respectful towards elders. Aside fromLiza Wang (汪明荃), Bosco was also respectful towards Peter Lai (黎彼得) and Wong Ching (王青). He put in a lot of effort during filming and was not late to work. He was also good in his martial arts scenes. Slowly, my impression of Bosco changed….”

Working Hard  Because of Family
Myolie and Bosco were afraid that if they were to admit that they were involved in a relationship, TVB would think that they prioritized dating and not their work. Since it was a trend to keep romances underground in the industry, Myolie and Bosco felt that the only way was to date secretly. However, this was the wrong mentality. Myolie was 32 years old and Bosco was 31 years old; it was perfectly understandable to date.

When Myolie was a teenager, she thought that she will never get married due to her parent’s divorce causing emotional scars in her childhood. She felt there was no guarantee in marriage and witnessed many couples divorcing despite being married for a decade. Encountering a person she can trust and a suitable marriage partner, Myolie’s perspective has changed. If she were to get married in the future, Myolie will definitely have children, which was an inevitable part of life. “Two people have to be very sure about their love for each other. No matter what happens, they have to face the problems together and work hard for the family they have created!”

If Myolie had any emotional problems, she was the type of person who needed to discuss all the issues out in the open. On the other hand, Bosco did not like to discuss his problems. Myolie said cheerfully, “When he does not talk about the problems, I will force him to do so!”

Bosco possessed a cheerful personality that was able to withstand the “sky falling down.” Due to Bosco’s influence, Myolie became happier and her perspective in life has changed as well.  Myolie possessed an alert and careful tendency. “Since our personalities are different, we are able to remind and complement each other!”

-Ming Pao Weekly

Thoughts: This was such a great interview. It was really in depth on Myolie's childhood. I never thought that Myolie had an unhappy and lonely childhood and she had to overcome so many things. I thought she was really happy because she is always smiling. Now we know what she had been through. After meeting Bosco she became more cheerful and open herself up. She is so happy with him. We all can see that she is glowing and shining. She is so happy and I am happy to see her in that state. I wish her forever happiness with Bosco!! Get marry already! I'm really really happy for her, seeing her in this state make me smile. =] 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Forensic Heroes III - overview

As you all may know that TVB 2011 wasn't a great year for me. I didn't like most of the series and I had only watch 7-8 series and I only like two series!! Those two series were "Only You" and "Forensic Heroes III" Many people had bashed "FH3" before even it came out that it will not be good because the cast had totally changed. Yes, at first I thought that. We all thought that you can't have a Forensic team with out Dr.Koo, Madam Leung, and Tim Sir. (Btw the original cast for FH1, Maggie Cheung was suppose to be in it. So it didn't matter if she had taken Charmaine role in FH3). But after you had seen FH3 all your thoughts will change!!

FH3 had bought many good cases although they are not the real cases that TVB usually use. And yes there might be some scientific information wrong. But really what ever. Series and dramas are for us to watch and be entertained. Those scriptwriters are not medical majors or scientist majors. They are scriptwriters so therefore they would get such things wrong. But these dramas are for us to watch and be relax; not for us to point out all the flaws.

Anyways, I was really really satisfied with Forensic Heroes 3 and I really enjoy the cases. Even though the cases were a bit boring and some were short. But it was some what still suspense and it still creep me out. I love the relationship between the casts and each department. They all have such great chemistry. Each episode wasn't draggy but the thing that kinda bother me was that each episode ended either with Wayne, Maggie, or the forensic teams giving us a bit of details to the next. I mean like what happen to the police team? One thing I didn't like was that the police team was a bit neglected. It wasn't like the first two, how the forensic and the police team work together and have the same screen time. This installment was mostly based on the forensic team..don't you think? I felt like the police team was just there to catch the people and stuff. But I still do enjoy watching the bond between the forensic and the police team. But there wasn't much.

The couples were definitely pretty cute!! My favorite couple were Edwin and Aimee!! They were so adorable and compatible. They always bicker but felt bad afterwards. Edwin always make fun of Aimee for being American. Aimee spoke so much English in the series, I felt like TVB want to show of her I was waiting for them to get together and these two couples were the ones that bring the laugh in the series. They are just soo cute. I cried SO hard at the end when Aimee died =\ Edwin did a great job in the last couple scenes and so did Aimee. Even Aimee had past, she still help them to figure out the very last case. This scene was really a shock to me..I really didn't expect her to be gone like that.

Ron and Kate is another pretty good couple hence they were paired many times. But this was the first time I had watch their pairing. I'm not a Kate's fan so I tend to skip her series. But I thought she did a nice job portraying Madam Ling. And as being the cop of the series, don't you guys agree that she is way to fashionable? lol...even though I'm not her fan, I got to admit that she was stunning and shone in the series. She was definitely a really pretty cop!! I really think that Kate played a more convincing cop then Charmaine did in the second installment.

Wayne and Nancy, at first I didn't think these two would work. But to my surprise they were pretty cute together. They got divorced due to different morals and the way how they each see things. Yes, each marriage has its ups and downs. And almost every couple comes around it but some just splits. Wayne didn't want a divorce but it was Nancy who wanted it. But we could see that Wayne definitely had no more feelings for her and he was with her for the sake of their daughter. He eventually or he had always like his partner? So at the end even though I felt bad for Nancy and she wanted him back, but I'm sorry girl you can't just come back and want your family back like that.

I felt like Maggie and Wayne might had like each other for so long but never realize it. Maybe it was because they know each other very well and they were best partners and Wayne was married. I was actually rooting for them!! They didn't have much love screen time than Nancy and Wayne did so we can see a lack of chemistry. But I thought their chemistry were actually better than Nancy and Wayne. I like how he always order Maggie her martini and the apple thing. Every time she gets to the bar she always have food right away. He always knows what she wants and what she needs. He was always there for her and they just never realize it. Just like what Ruco had said, "Mandy already have that someone in heart but she just didn't find that someone yet". Mandy and Wayne both ask the same question.."what if I/She never find it?" When Wayne said that, Ruco gave him a look and that was when Wayne realize he was there for her all along. Both Wayne and Maggie say the same stuff but no one ever notice but only Ruco would notice it. And during the case meetings, I love how only Maggie and Wayne know what they were talking about and kept going back and forth. While the rest are just sitting there and giving each other looks. Lol. That is why Mandy and Po Sir are great partner in crime. After seeing Maggie, I really can not picture Charmaine taking up this role. Maggie was really professional and a very convincing Forensic Pathologist. I don't think Charmaine would be a good choice and I'm pretty sure if she really take up the role, there would be more complaints.

Don't get me wrong that I'm bashing Charmaine, I like her and live watching her series. But we all know that who can be more convincing. This is getting way too long. But I also have to say one more thing..the little girl who plays Wayne's daughter is such an amazing child actress!! That girl knows how to act..just like little Jenny and Tiffany. I miss seeing them so much =\ Even though the series ended with a crime and seems like there would be a part 4. But sorry guys there won't be a part four.

Yes, watch it. Even though the storyline is completely different and stuff. But we all agree that the second installment wasn't as good. The third one is way better but than the second.
10/10 since its was a grand production series.

But do you guys even know what I Love this series So Much?? Nope right, you guys would have had know if you guys had read my post before it got deleted. *sigh* I'm still hard I'll try to make a similar one coming soon. So look out for that ;]

Forensic Heroes III

Here are the Lyrics to Forensic Heroes III theme song and this is the last part to my 2011 favorite TVB theme songs. Oh..My 2011 Favorite Theme songs posts were one of the posts that got deleted -.-''

歌詞:目擊 - TVB電視劇《法證先鋒III》主題曲


藏在眼裡無休止 像塵沫掩蓋著前事
chong joy ngaan looi mo yau jee jeung chun moot yeem koy jurk cheen see
心愧但是無言 留痕亦沒辦法磨滅
sum kwai dan see mo yeen lau hun yik moot ban fat moh meet
層疊線索誰刪剪 淚來滴乾你潛藏哪一面
chung deep seen sok shooi san jeen looi loi dik gon nei cheem chong nah yut meen
收斂極盡入前 遺留著實證說明又開展
sau leem gik jun yup cheen wai lau jurk sut jing shoot ming lau hoi jeen

*給推敲 給推算 決意將推翻
kup tooi hau kup tooi shoon koot yee jeung tooi fan
疑惑靜待日後 尋事實未晚
yee wat jing doi yut hau chum see sut mei maan

就地目擊他 越就近越偏差
jau dei muk gik ta yoot jau gun yoot peen cha
事實在分岔 重重謎團連環事態
see sut joy fun cha chong chong mai toon leen wan see tai
千種心理見解 一種天理已在旁觀他
cheen jung sum lei geen gai yut jung teen lei yee joy pong goon ta

未及目擊他 用實驗做推翻
mei kup muk gik ta yung sut yeem joh tooi fan
沒漏洞偏差 仍能尋回還原狀態
moot lau dung peen cha ying nung chum wooi wan yoon jong tai
可分析去拆解 怎解釋理性共情之間
hoh fun sik hooi chat gai jum gai sik lei sing gung ching jee gaan*

誰在佈置誰飾演 讓時日沖淡著前事
shooi joy bo jee shooi sik yeen yeung see yut chung taam jurk cheen see
真相敗露人前 如沉澱突發再浮現
jun seung bai lo yun cheen yoo chum deen dut fat joy fau yeen
無奈愛意難刪剪 命途上總有共時有相異
mo noi ngoi yee naan san jeen ming to seung jung yau gung see yau seung yee
講再會別離時 從前像幻覺眼前在伸展
gong joy wooi beet lei see chung cheen jeung waan gok ngaan cheen joy sun jeen


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

foreverloveTVB's favorite couples???

There are many couples I had enjoyed watching. And yes, if I enjoy watching them, I would love to see them pair up again and again. But to a minimum, if I see them series after series I'll get annoyed. I really enjoy watching all Steven Ma's pairings. Especially with Linda, Bernice, and Tavia. These three were paired with Steven so many times and he had so much chemistry with each of them. It makes me smile and go awww wish I can see you guys get paired again. But Tavia and Steven always have open endings, I hope that one day they will get a happy ending soon!! 
Kenneth and Fala paired in Here Come the Princess were definitely hands down adorable!! 
I absolutely love watching Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan pairing!! They were definitely had so much chemistry. 
Gallen Lo and Jessica were nice too. Also definitely Bobby Au Yeung and Esther Kwan!! OMG they were just amazing and funny =) 
Who else? There are actually many more but its so hard to list them. 
Flora Chan and Joe Ma were pretty nice too. Flora and Gallen. 

But my four favorites couples got to be Bermo, Boscoliee, TaRo, and Rayda. No matter who they end up dating and marrying, these couples will never change in me. They are my favorites and they will be a couple to me forever. Hope that one day it will come true. The only couple that is confirm is Boscoliee and when ever I read and see their news, I love them more and more. >< 
But out of the favorite hands down got to be TaRo!!! Ahhh they are just so compatible and cute together. They are the ONLY Friends they Would Holds Hands in Public. The only friends that would do any couples would do in public and still go around with out any news. They are just amazing, adorable, sweet, funny, silly couple!!! 

But But But... 
My All Time Golden and Favorite Couples are Michael Tao and Kenix Kwok!!! 
Oh come on, I'm pretty sure you all agree with me ;] 
Out of the couples they have the most most most chemistry!!! When ever they are in a series, their emotions and chemistry just drag you into the screen. They were paired many times and they are the most popular popular couples!! Gosh I love them <33 
Hope that one day I'll get to see them paired again!! Both with amazing acting skills!!
My Golden couples of all time!! And It Will Never Change!!