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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kitchen Princess

Hmm for some reason I really enjoy this anime series. This series is called the Kitchen Princess. At first I don't really enjoy reading animes. Well maybe I saw some of animes on TV. I consider those are cartoons. Hehe =] Well I quite enjoy the other one called Candy Candy. That was really sweet and enjoyable. Hahaha its sweet and the tittle is Candy Candy =] OK so anyways... I don't really like animes and stuff. Then one day my cousin's friends encourage her to read this series Kitchen Princess. Well yea then my cousin told me to read this and yup I felled in love with it. Haha.. even my sister likes it too. Hmm don't know how many times had she read this over and over again.

Well this anime series just came out to vol. 7 and all my cousin has is up to 6. She lend it to me and I read all 6 in two days. Its not really hard to read. It short and funny. I could of read it in one day but then I started at 12 at night so yea. Well ok vol. 7 just came out and vol.8 is coming out soon. Can't wait for them both. After you started to read vol.1 you actually get addicted.

So this story start out with the cute character Najika. She is cute and funny and kinda dump... just like sailor moon. Najika lost her parents when she was really young and she lives in the orphanage. After she grewed up she wants to be a great chief just like her parent. Another point is that she also want to find her "prince" who saved her when she was little almost got drown. So she tried her best and got into one of Japan's great cooking school, Seika Academy. That's where her "Prince" is too. Ok that's all I'm going to tell you =]

Hmm and the picture I uploaded isn't that good but yea =] you can find it here and credits for the pics at

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