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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Love TV

TVB had released this year cd. It was released on August 21st. most songs are repeated but there are some different songs from the past albums too. The new album is called "Love TV
情歌精選" I was hopeing for like the War of In Laws sub by Boscolie and Forensic Heroes II sub by Charmaine and others from this year series. Oh wells there is always the next album. I got so excited when I saw this ^^ I thought that TVB is not releasing one this year.
Love TV
01. Unintentionally Hurting You - SusannaKwan
02. Most Beautiful Seventh Day - Kevin Cheng
03. Good Bye - Liza Wang/Fama
04. Small Story -Steven Ma/Linda Chung
05. I’m So In Love With You - Bernice Liu
06. Every day with you - Bowie Lam
07. Appreciated -Raymond Lam/Linda Chung
08. Deep Love - Lui Fong
09. Forbidden Love - Charmaine Sheh
10. Fortunately -Myolie Wu
11. Love Ordinary - Kevin Cheng
12. Truth - Bernice Liu
13. Put Me to Death - MosesChan
14. Only need you - Shirley Yeung
15. Butterfly Transformation - Charmaine Sheh
16. Have Mutual Affinity - Linda Chung
17. Can’t Speak out - Susanna Kwan
These links above are from KTVB.. credits to KTVB
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