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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

TVB 09

Gem of Life
Royal Tramp [isn't a TVB series]
Sweetness in the Salt [warehoused (released overseas)]

-Upcoming Series to be Air-
E.U - Feb 9th [The Academy III]
The Winter Melon Tale - March 9th
The Greatness of a Hero - Feb 9th [warehoused (releasing overseas)]

-To be Aired-
Men In Charge
Pillow Case II
Burning Flame III
Just Love II
Tiger Wong Snatches the Bride
Beauty in High Resolution
The King of Snooker
A Watchdog's Tale

-Currently Filming-
The Grand Entrepreneur - now known as Root of Evil
The Stars of Love
The Truth of His Father
Nutritional Housewives

-Upcoming Series to be Filmed-
Picking Star of Adventure
Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Pearl in Palm
Written to Life
The Pride for My Husband
Iron Horse Seeking Bridge
The Youth Grows Again

-2009 Grand Productions-
Root of Evil

War of In-Laws III - said it was going to be filmed.
Anyone knows if its really going to be film?

Credit to [A Way of Thinking] for the dates and series that are coming.

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