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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sweetness Review

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Well ok I know its not important right, so lets get back to Sweetness.


I watched Sweetness up to episodes 21 now. Finish watching 17-20 last week and couldn't wait to watch 21. Finally got a chance today to watch it. A lot stuff bugs me in the last 5 episode that I had watched. Sing Suet [Tavia] and Ting Hin [Raymond Wong] finally got married in episode 17. You can see how much Suet wanted to devote herself to be Hin's wife. Suet did so many stuff that the wife should do for her husband, but all Hin said was "we are a fake couple". Well at least you could've said "Thank You". *sigh* Hin had said that like millions time, but you could see Suet painful eyes and her feelings. In episode 18, Hin still doesn't accept Suet as his wife. Hin is like killing himself, knowing that he loves her but won't tell her about his feelings. Also annoying me too about his denial loving Suet. Lolz

Yuen [Steven] on the other hand was really upset about the wedding and on the day of the wedding he went to find Suet and said he'll take her away. Didn't he said that he wanted her to marry Hin? Kept pushing them together, and finally they are getting marry he wanted her back? It just so amazing. Well Suet of course didn't go with him. After Suet took chagre, Suet and Yuen and the uncle went to smuggle salt. Almost got caught, but they pulled it off. But they came upon Kara Hui [forgot her character name]. Kara is working with Tou Ying Long. They happen to be siblings. Yuen went against Tou and yea the fighting scene bagan. It was really exciting to see >.<

Episode 21 really devastated me. Suet now knows who really killed her parents. Also Hin sickness looks better. Hin told Yuen about the fake marriage and the Wu family would leave Yueng Zhao. Suet didn't want Hin to say anything or to anyone about the fake marriage thing and got really upset. She just turn and left. On the day Wu Ga leaves, Suet said she won't be going with them. Hin told the family about the marriage and Wu Kin was so heart broken. He start to break down dramatically and said, you're are my favorite daughter in law. I don't want you to leave me, please stay in the Wu Ga, and that Hin really truly loves you. Ting Fai said, Is brother health not worth it for you? [well something like that..hehe] The aunt said, no wonder why, when they redecorate the room, you ask for another bed/bench thing. I thought you didn't want to distract Hin, so this is the real reason. And she said something about stay with us. When you marry once, you don't want to be marry again. [I think is like something had to do with the Chinese custom saying. I didn't really know how to translate it. ] Ting Bik said to stay too. Wu Kin just break down and cry, but they know that they owe Suet so much for helping Wu Ga, so they agree to let her go. But one thing annoys me is that, Ting Hin didn't say it was his idea. It was really touching and dramatic, I cried along with them. It was sad. When they left Yueng Zhao, Ting Hin actually came back. Yuen and Suet was talking and Hin over heard them. Suet will go back to find Hin to be with him, for the last time, and Yuen said, he'll be here if she needs him. Hin was at far and heard the convo. It was sad seeing the three like this. My heart was hurting seeing Suet and Hin divorce, telling the family and seeing the three like this. In episode 22 and 23, the boys were fighting about who Suet should end up with. Its is really ridiculous.

In the beginning of the series, I was rooting for Suet and Yuen. As the series developed, I wanted Suet and Hin. I find that Hin deserve Suet more then Yuen. I really wanted them to end the series together. I heard a rumor saying that Hin and Suet are siblings, well obviously that was not true and I didn't believe it. I would not want that to happen, I don't care what happens but just don't tell me that they are siblings. It would ruin the series. But yea its not true. But as I watch episode 17 -21, I felt the pain the three of them are going through. Their relationship is really hard. TVB had made this "Triangle" really hard for us to solve and the three. This series was really hard to predict the ending and predict who Suet would end up with. Well of course SITS fans spoiled themselves by going to the forum. Lolz =P

Under this would be Spoilers for the rest of the remainder episodes. Eventho I didn't watch it myself yet, and I know the ending. =P I spoiled myself..hehe.... yes..... yes.....yes, I did =P If you want to know the ending by yourself, I suggest you to stop reading. After you read it don't blame me for spoiling it for you..lolz =] But I know you want to... you want to just scroll down and read it. Yes... yes....oh yes you do =P Well anyways think before you scroll down. But otherwise please proceed.

So the ending, Hin came back with them. Hin is going to die, Suet spend the last day with him and Suet is upset. Yuen and Suet got marry but Suet left him, cause Suet knows who actually cause her parent death. Yuen was the one cause her parent death, and that the selfishness side of him. After 2 years Suet went to the cave to see Yuen, but Yuen changed and look really different and weird. Yea, think thats it. The story ends there. I couldn't believe it. Suet ends up with no one and none of them has an happy ending. The three of them went through so much. *Um.. note that I didn't watch this part yet, so some info might be wrong.*

Um.. going to watch the rest tomorrow maybe, so see you guys soon, I'll post up the rest of the series thoughts after I'm done. So see ya ^^ If you think about having us spoiling it for you and not watching it, I suggest you to watch it even you know what going to happen.

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