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Monday, March 30, 2009

GAOH overview

Finally, I got this post up..lols ^^ I've been dragging on this and its seems like forever after the series was done. I probably forgot what I had to say about the series now, but it took me awhile cause I wanted to make something like that banner thing. Hehehe.. its weird but it goes well with the post..lols. Well here we goes....

First, I got to say that, I think the series was just ok. I think SITS is better =P..lols. Well you can't really put two different types of series together. First few episodes of Goah was actually well filmed and good. But as the series progresses it kinda slacked off. I also thought that the series was too short and SITS was a bit to long. I didn't really find any dragging scenes or any dragging plots. The cases in the beginning was like an actual mystery case until the story goes on. The cases in the middle was like not a murder or any suspense mystery case.. it was like a normal cases you would find in a normal story. The series was supposedly have some historical context in it, but I think that it only has like a little bit, probably was only on the characters. Only few characters was an actual person in history. I really like the ending.. I mean like the court case at the end. That was like one really good mystery case and court scene. The court scene was outstanding. I liked how each side are fighting at each other and it was just so good. It was amazing.. I liked how they all took Wayne down. Lmao =D

I liked the parings, but I didn't really find any awesome chemistry. I liked Bernice and Sunny's chemistry. It was funny, sad, and cute. Leila and Steven's chemistry are ok but, I found them cute =D I liked how they all dress so nice and talked in proper Chinese. It was hard to understand but it was good. They would need to talk like this for a costume drama. But not all ancient dramas does. I really love the accessories and costumes. It was really pretty.

I didn't like how the series was like falling apart. [that what I thought] Like in the middle of watching it, I forgot what was I watching for. Its like my mind went blank. I was just staring at the screen, seeing those people moves around and dress so nicely.Lolz XD. I didn't like how they decided to kill of most of the cast. I was like wth!!! Why did they kill so many people off.

The series was mostly fighting between two court families and for the throne. It wasn't any mystery series. This was like my first time seeing Wayne acting evil. I was so use too seeing him very funny and hilarious. I cried so much at the end. I liked how before Sonija was being beheaded, she and Kent said the same poem. Her death scene was really powerful and I cried so much. It was so sad. I couldn't believe that she sacrifice herself, but I thought that, it was a great honor for her to do. She doesn't want anything happens in the family and she doesn't want her mother in law or daughter to died, so she has no choice. The death of Sunny was so sudden. But it was still sad. I cried for the three death scenes, well it was more like when Leila cried for Steven, I tear up. Out of all three death scenes, Sonija's was most powerful.

I don't think the ending was rushed. I didn't liked how a lot of the cast was killed. Also I thought that you couldn't kill or do anything if they have the King's badge or something. I was like......
I thought that the last two episodes was the best out of the whole series. It was powerful and sad. Thats why I didn't think it was rushed. I thought that the ending was quite ok, accept for the killings and stuff but everyone got promoted and they all are happy. The series overall was ok.. I guess, and now I know why it was warehoused. The cast was great but I thought that Bernice crying in here was a bit weak. I also thought that she was a bit stiff comparing to her other series. Matthew Ko need some more work and improvement. He was really stiff. Sonija was also a bit stiff compare to her other series. The most emotion I saw out of her was the ending part. Little Lawrence did a great job through out the whole series and his crying at the end because of his mother was fantastic. He is so cute too.

Would I recommend it??
Well if you want to watch it and you loved ancient series go ahead. But I think maybe not. I only liked the ending ^^ I would give the series 3/5

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