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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Heyy =D

Hi everyone =D well yea, I kinda got bored and lazy. Didn't feel like posting E.U's review today. I'll do it tomorrow ^^ just hope that, I'm not lying.... well anyways, so today I was kinda tired and upset. I'm so scare right now... seriously I am. The 3rd semester ends this Friday in my school and I am so scared. I don't think I did that well this semester. My Spanish grades is going down after this project I'm doing. Well the project is like a group project and is like something that you would need to film. So we are making our own movies and stuff. The topic is on weddings. We need to make a soap opera on a wedding scene. Its due tomorrow the 1st of April and we are screwww!!!!!! We were suppose to film it today and my teacher isn't here so I hope that she would give us an extra day, but of course she won't -.-'' but just hope. Also one member in our group isn't here and she was the one who told us to get here early and on time. I have Spanish 1st period at 7:30 am. She wasn't here today so we couldn't film it and we emailed our teacher and of course she didn't response. But why would she response that early in the morning. So now I'm doom. Away from that, I'm reading twilight ^^ My sister bought it back from college so now finally I got to read it. Shes leaving soon in two weeks =[ and she won't be back until September. I'm going to miss her. She goes to college all the way in the west coast, California. I lived in the east coast in New York. Yes... and that is far. Oh and most of you either is having your spring break or just finished. My Spring break is next week April 9th. Its starts in the middle of the week and I think that is just weird =P

Well see ya =]
I'll post E.U's review tomorrow......

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