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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Ok, so this is like really random, but I feel like I had to say it. Yes.... I'm weird like that =D
Well ok, so I was just on and I saw that on the cover for the Miss Hong Kong 2009 pagent is not Edelweiss Cheung, is the first runner up Skye Chan. I wonder why, and then I remember that I read on someone blog, and it said that, Edelweiss is not doing her duties. She always called in sick and not doing what she needs to do. So, TVB put Skye to do her stuff and everything. So does that mean that Skye is going to be Miss Hong Kong and not Edelweiss?? I also read that since Edelweiss kept on turning down her duties, she is not participating in the International pagent thing and instead Skye was there. Now I don't know is Skye was the one who represents Hong Kong or not but I'm pretty sure is Edelweiss who represented Hong Kong. Like on that page right it has Sonija, Amiee, Mandy was on it and Skye was on the page, she sat on the glass slippers. Hmmm.... I really wonders?? But maybe Edelweiss is still the Miss Hong Kong. I'm just being weird =P lols

Oh and love E.U >.< its so exciting!!! Love it and this is where all the actions starts. Where I am right now, we finally get to know more about Laughing's identity. Oh my, I wonder what would happen next. So excited ^^

well see ya all soon =] and I still need to put up GOAH review -.-'' keep forgetting....

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