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Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunrise Secret

My 2nd fanfic is up =] There's only the forward and Chapter 1 so far =] Come and support me ^^

Would I ever find my prince or Faith will bring us together?
Main Cast
Bosco Wong
Myolie Wu

Supporting Cast
Nancy Wu
Leila Tong
Chris Lai Lok Yi
Matthew Ko
Shirley Yueng
Jack Wu
More supporting cast will appear in the story
This Story will be a fairytale. Set in the woods and the castle. One day Bosco and Myolie met in the woods. Bosco saw the gorgeous girl and he thought this girl would be the girl of his dreams. But there is a secret that shocked Bosco. Well he still fall for Myolie when he knew her secret?

Want to know what happens? Read to find out =]

Hmm after I wrote chapter I realize it sound like Swan Lake..lols

Well anyways hope you all would come and supports me =]

Sunrise Secret

Thanks to Temerarious project [desinger - Ti Amo] for the lovely Poster and Background =] Thank you and I love it ^^

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