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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hi =D

Heyy Everyone =] I haven't been updating my blog and kept it up to date. I'm like so behind and I'm sorry. My school had started on the 8th of Sep and it went very well. But I've tons of Hw these couple days. I probably would be less online but I would still reply to your tags =] This year is my 3rd yr in High School and this is the year with all the SATs and stuff and its going to be a really bad and crazy yr. I would fit sometime to update foreverloveTVB. I still have some stuff I wanted to blog before the summer was over but I didn't get the chance to. When I come back next time and hopefully it'll be next week, I'll have Miss Hong Kong 2009 post to be up and some other stuff, maybe a bit on BF3. I haven't been watching BF3 lately too and when I saw it last time was before school had started and up to ep13. I hope I can finish that and start on DIE Again and You're Hired if I can. I probably won't be able to watch Conscience because that comes out around PSATs =[ and I might have to put everything behind now..I would need the rest of this month to prepare for it and I starting to have an SATs class on Saturdays now, starting this weekend. *sigh* No more time with TVB =[ which I really need to get serious this year. I guess this is it. But I'll promise that I won't disappear from foreverloveTVB. Thank you for supporting me and foreverloveTVB =D

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