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Monday, October 19, 2009

You're Hired Review

Finally finished with the series. All I need to say is that this series was Awesome!! It had capture my heart.

When I read the synopsis for this series, I actually wasn't interest in it. I was like oh..another business series. At that time all I had in my mind was D.I.E Again, Beyond and Born Rich. But then I was like why not, let's watch this cause I haven't seen Charmaine for awhile. So I start the first chapter and someone had already capture my heart. Yes... that someone is Mak Tai Song!!! =D

Ok, what do I think about this series?? Well I thought the series was really well filmed and all the cast did a fantastic job. The series has some bad/random/boring parts and most of it was just awesome. I got to say.. I think this series was the best comedy series I saw the whole year (well kinda except for D.I.E doesn't I don't think it would go any better then this. The series has almost everything. It has the sad parts, the comedy, love interest, and boring parts. But overall it was great. There is just one thing I love the most.. is the Tree Hole. It is just awesome. I love how Dayo and Charmaine talks to the Tree Hole about their personal stuff. When it came to the part, that the family store has to go, it was a bit touching. I felt bad for Oscar, he had just succeed in making the noodles and his master just hand the store down to him, but the store has to go. The store has so many memories.

Character summary

Mak Tai Song and Lam Miu Miu - I just love these two couple. The first time they met, they bicker. Mostly it was bickering through out the whole series. I love the part how Charmaine show up at Dayo's door asking for the debt, and the grandma keep on appearing behind him and ask questions and talks to them. It was funny. I just love how they just bicker even over something really small and pointless. The Tree Hole is just amazing. They just don't talk into the tree hole, they also talk to the tree. Especially Charmaine.. talking to the tree saying "oh your tired? Sleep first then'' and laughing saying that "I do really love him, no.. he isn't tall as you, your taller, but it just perfect for me". It was really cute and adorable, I really love her face expressions. Dayo and Charmaine are really cute in the series and funny. I really like how Charmaine pretend to be his mom for three days. It was touching. They are a really adorable. Dayo is always there, helping Charmaine out with her problems and listen to her problems. Both Charmaine and Dayo did a wonderful job. (like always :D) I'll give them a 5/5

Lam Muk Sun and Wah Kiu - At first I thought these two was really annoying. Lam Muk Sun played by Power Chan and Wah Kiu played be Mandy Cho. I thought they are really annoying and doesn't care about their father's feelings. All they want is money. But as I continue to watch the series, I grew to love them. They are pretty funny. Power extravagates at everything, even at work. He did everything he need to impress his boss. It was pretty funny. I thought they did a job well done. I haven't seen Mandy for so long and happy to see her back. I give them a 4/5

All other cast were mostly just supporting and is only Charmaine and Dayo that are the actual lead. I got to say one thing, Dayo is really a 'Enterprise Doctor' he helped everyone with their business problems. I felt that the series was somewhat incomplete. Why didn't Dayo and Michael reveal each other saying that they are brothers instead of being a ' fake brother'. I kinda thought that, how at the end Dayo's master came back and all the stuff he did was a bit unnecessary. I personally thought it was boring and the rice company got a bit boring too. But otherwise everything was great and funny. Especially love the tree hole and the "testing dates" ahahah, it was funny.. Dayo tested out everything.

All I have to say is that the series did a wonderful job, it really fits the comedy section and really had maintain it well. It was one best comedy I have seen this year. All the cast and the series itself really warms up to you and you'll love it when you watch the first episode. I would recommend watching this series. Since its light hearted and a comedy.

Since there were some parts that I thought it was a bit draggy and doesn't belong. I rated this series a 4/5

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