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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

42nd Awards Nomi thoughts

*Please read the post before this first... "TVB 42nd Award Nominations [new votes]". This post would be just the thoughts, on the new results that I had chose.*

I went through my first choices. I had said previously that I would rethink my thoughts after I had watch Beyond and Born Rich. Both Grand Productions is really heating up the screen. But with Beyond already finish airing in Hong Kong, and BR has more episodes to go. The competitions are really heating up between the three series. Two Grand productions, BR and Beyond and Rosy Business. Also competitions are heating up in winning for the TV Queen. We will need to wait till Friday Dec 4th to find out. Well here is my thoughts to the final choices I had chose.

Lifetime Achievement Awards - I was not thinking about to put this up but I had thought about. It would be a generosity for TVB to give this award to Lit Gor. Lit Gor had past away recently and it was a shocking news to everyone. I personally thought the Lit Gor had portray in The Gem Of Life really well. Lit gor should get the credit and I thought he is perfect to get this award.

Most Improved Actress - I had chose Queenie Chu because I thought she had done a well job this year. I saw most of her series this year and I really felt that she improved a lot. From the first time I saw Koni acting was in last year Catch Me Now. I saw her again in You're Hired and from that thought... she Improved!!! Sharon Chan, from seeing her in Catch Me Now to Pages of Treasures and in Born Rich. I should say she improved to but her role in BR isn't that great. But she is getting there.
Choice- Queenie Chu
TVB Choice - Queenie or Amiee?

Most Improved Actors - Pierre Ngo had did a great job in Sweetness in the Salt. Both Raymond Wong and Pierre are hard choices for me. Johnson.. well I guess I choose him every year but he never gets that award. To me he really had improved a lot!!
Choice- Pierre Ngo
TVB Choice- Pierre Ngo or Raymond Wong?

Most Favorite Female Character- Favorite Character this year go to Lam Miu Miu Charmaine Sheh. Lam Miu Miu had bought me to love and cherish her once I saw her in episode 1 in You're Hired. Her character grew to my love and cherish her. Its better then Lau Sam Ho. Anita Yeun in Born Rich was amazing. Her character grew to me from the first episode I saw her in. Very Cute Yat Sam. Yiu Kam Ling did a great job in Beyond. Very Scary!!
Choice- Lam Miu Miu
TVB Choice- Yiu Kam Ling

Most Favourite Male Character - I chose Dayo Wong cause his Character as Mak Tai Song grew to my expectations. Mak Tai Song did not disappoint in YH and no one can resist to hate him. Michael Tse as Laughing Gor bought many lovers. Strong feeling Laughing gor will win.
Choice- Mak Tai Song - Dayo Wong
TVB - Laughing Gor - Michael Tse

Best Supporting Actress - I wanted to pick Susan Tse as Empress in Beyond but she wasn't nominated for that role. So I went and chose Susanna Kwan. I felt that Susanna had portray her role in Beyond very well. Linda did a great job in Gem for me to pick her too. But I do have this feeling that Susan Tse will win this award.
Choice- Susanna Kwan
TVB- Susan Tse?

Best Supporting Actor- Lee Kwok Lun is one of my choices. He did a fantastic job in Beyond. Lun gor show many expressions. But who will actually win this award?? Michael Tse
Choice- Lee Kwok Lun and Michael Tse
TVB- Michael T

Best Actress - Here come the TV Queen. This year TV Queen is a huge competition. Is really heating it up. Frist it was all about Sheren Tang and now with Charmaine Sheh and Tavia Yeung will get a chance. Who will really win? Wait till Dec 4th to find out. To me I felt like Sheren truly deserves it. Tavia will still have chances in the coming years in TVB. But Tavia did amazing this years. So it gave me a chance to pick her too.
Choice- Sheren, Tavia, Charmaine
TVB- Sheren Tang

Best Actor- TV King I chose Wayne Lai. Someone who truly deserve to get the TV King this year. Wayne Lai truly out stand everyone in RB!! Perfect to get the award!!
Choice - Wayne Lai
TVB- Wayne Lai

Best Series - With three series heating up the Screen. Who will actually win?? With three top series this year, Rosy Business, Born Rich and Beyond the Realm of Conscience. All are well done. All three series has its own flaws, and style. Which we can't compare them. My choice go to Rosy Business which I thought it truly deserve this award. But truly I think that Beyond will bring home this award instead.
Choice- RB, BR and Beyond
TVB- Beyond
Deserve- Rosy Business

Well here are my thoughts. I kinda shorten it cause I ran out of time. To find out who really got the award?? Watch it yourself on Friday DEC 4th. Congrats to all the artistes that are nominated and good luck to all of you!!

*please read "TVB 42nd Nominations Awards [new votes]" first. Before you read this post, because this is based on that post* Thank You!!

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