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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Artistes of the Month

Starting today, December 1st - since its a new month. I'm going to start picking any random Artistes from TVB. I'll post an write up about them and they'll be this month foreverloveTVB Artistes of the Month. (but there will be a reason why this certain artistes was selected) The selection would be out of random. It can be a Veteran Artistes, retired artistes, newcomers, supporting artistes, Fa Dans, Siu Sangs..anyone can be selected. For this month I chose Fala Chen, cause one her write up was already written last month and I felt that she really had improved!!

Fala Chen born on February 24, 1982 in Chengdu, China but grew up in the U.S. Immigrating at age 15 and living in the United States, also adjusting into a new style, had made Fala independent and hardworking. Fala had attend Emory University in United States, which she major in Marketing and International Business. During her freshmen year in college, Fala participated in a beauty pageant. The reason why she had join and participate in it was to pay for her College tuition. Winning the Crown for Georgia, Fala participated in Miss Asian America representing Georgia and took the crown in 2002. Afterwards Fala participated in Miss Chinatown USA [Miss Chinese Chamber of Commerce] in 2003 and was first runner up. After getting the first runner up in 2003, Fala took home the crown again in 2004 Miss Chinese NY. Representing New York, Fala went to Hong Kong and participated in Miss Chinese International in 2005 and won first runner up. With her beauty, smile, and beautiful figure, Fala bought home her crowns and awards. Returning to U.S and finished her degree in Marketing and International Business, earning her BA degree. Fala return back to Hong Kong and enter TVB.

Fala's first series was Forensic Heroes in 2006. As Fala fluent language was mandarin, her first series in speaking Cantonese was not strong. With and heavy accent, Fala still didn't give up and continue to work hard. Fala had improve in both of her acting and Cantonese dialect. In 2007 she was cast in Heart of Greed as a sweet innocent girl. But her major role in 2007 was when she was cast in Steps as a semi villain. Due to her character Carmen in Steps, many people criticise and hates toward her. But in 2008, Fala came back with an excellent role in Moonlight Resonance, as an mute girl Gam Wing Hing. Her character in Moonlight showed the sweet and adorable, innocent side of Fala. This had brought many people in liking Fala and changed their views on her. With this role, it had put Fala in the top 5 of best supporting actress. Which she had won in 2007 for her character Carmen in Steps. For entertaining in the industry for 4 years, Fala had really improved a lot and had filmed over 10 TV series.

Fala is improving everyday and a very hard worker. Fala didn't enter the industry because she wanted Fame, is was because she enjoys acting. Fala is not one of those "bratty" actress that only cares about glory and the fortune, but a very sweet, gentle, caring actress that works hard to be where she is today. Even Veteran Actress Lee Si Kei praised her being a hardworking and asks many questions that she doesn't understand. With her beautiful face, sweet smile and a stunning figure, Fala also take parts in shooting ads and photos. Also taking parts in functions and promotion events. TVB had Fala to participate in Laughing Gor's movie "Turning Point" as Michael Tse's girlfriend had bought her another promotion. Recently Fala had just released her new series The Stew of Life. With the new series airing, the theme song was also released. In which the theme song is by Fala. Fala sang her first TVB theme song.

As Fala is slowing getting promoted, one step at a time. She had improve each time. Fala's dialect in Cantonese had improved over the years and you couldn't really hear any accent in her new song Perfect Pair (The Stew of Life theme). Her accent in Turning Point wasn't as heavy and is understandable. All I have to say is that Fala Chen had really improved over the years. The first time I notice her was in Heart of Greed and didn't know exactly who she was. After I saw Steps, that is when I knew that is Fala Chen. I start to like her when watching Moonlight Resonance and saw through her. I can see that Fala Chen would be leading a series soon and become the leading lady. Fala had already sang her 1st theme song, very soon she'll be leading. I have faith in her and would support Fala.

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