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Monday, December 28, 2009

Beyond the Realm of Conscience overview

Since I first heard that Beyond is being film and seeing their costume fitting. I grew and anticipate for it. I was really hyped when it aired. I loved the first couple episodes but as the series processes... my expectations changed....

Beyond the Realm of Conscience is set during the Tang Dynasty. Its a series revolving around status and schemes within the Forbidden Palace. Yes.. I would agree.. the first episode was really dramatic. After watching the first episode, I couldn't wait and watch the 2nd then the 3rd and kept going. But I forgot at what episode..I stop. I took off with this series for about 2-3 weeks and finish it last week. The series started out when Yiu Kam Ling (Tavia Yeung) and Lau Sam Ho (Charmaine Sheh) argued. From what the scene showed, both kam ling and sam ho had became Emperor Li's (Moses Chan) concubine. Their status is way up there in the palace. Kam Ling and Sam Ho "were once" sisters and it shatter when they became concubines. After that scene, it took us back 20 years, where Kam Ling and Sam Ho were kids.

In the first episode when Sam Ho's mom died, it was really sad and dramatic. I did shed some tears. Couple years had pass, Kam Ling and Sam Ho grew up. To Kam Ling, Sam Ho is the one she would trust. What ever Kam ling did, Kam Ling seems to be punish. Even if she had helped and safe the palace or someone. She will be punish. With all these punishment it had turn Kam Ling to believe in something else. In Kam Ling's mind, to survive in the palace is to scheme your way up. There is no one nice in the palace. Its either you live or died. Her "Ho Ji Mui" (best sister) Sam Ho are totally opposite. Before her mother who is played by Krystal Tin died, her mother had told her to follow these 3 words. "Do good deeds, speak good words, show goodwill". Sam Ho which had followed these words growing up. Her kindness which bought many people in the palace to love her. What ever she did, she will get credit for. In Sam Ho's mind, to survive in the palace is to bring out these 3 words. "Once we are sisters, we will stay sisters forever" - this quote were once described Yiu Kam Ling and Lau Sam Ho. But will the really remain sisters forever? And the answer is no.

I really thought most cast were "evil". Which I was wrong. No one is "EVIL". Not even Tavia!! Well yes maybe Susan Tse and Lee Kwok Lun was. But other wise no one. The whole series is just about how everyone schemes there way against each other to get to a better position. Michelle and Susanna just scheme at each other for so many years over a misunderstanding. Susan Tse mostly scheme about her sister Mary Jie for being a maid and became a concubine. And killing everyone who did something wrong. Lee Kwok Lun scheme about everything, want to get to a higher position, even though he is already the top General. Tavia scheme all the way becoming a concubine. After becoming a concubine is still not good enough for her and which she was not content. She wanted more. Selena is just a spoil, wealthy girl. Which wants everything.

As the series progress.. I grew tired from the kindness and all the schemes. Yes..indeed I grew tired with the whole series. It wasn't up to my expectations. I was hoping for more. More from Tavia and Charmaine. Charmaine role is really nothing and flawless. The whole series was kinda a flaw. Do you really think that within the forbidden palace, there really is kindness. Well maybe, between couple friends. But do you really think that a maid really get a chance to talk to the emperor and made the emperor to follow the 3 words too? I believe that there is no kindness within the palace. Maybe I could be wrong. But I'm pretty sure anyone whom status is way higher than Sam Ho's status would follow her 3 words. In the series, that did happen. And I believe that is a flaw right there. The series did get to a point where it was boring. It wasn't none of the actors fault. I believe the script wasn't powerful enough. It wasn't well written. This series is from TVB.. TVB series are always full of flaws and are never well developed. I think the weakness from TVB are the scripts. I thought this series would be really powerful.. I guess I was wrong. I truly had learn something. Never get hyped and anticipate over a series too much. Cause when you actually watch the series, you'll loose interest. To me the series is disappointing, but it was still watchable. The acting was great. But I did expected more from Tavia and Charmaine. But I guess.. out of everyone in the series, the best acting will have to go to Susan Tse and Lee Kwok Lun, and which Tavia comes in third =] Tavia acting was actually well perform in her first evil role. Her glares and everything did creep me out.

Overall, the series was actually okay. Not powerful nor great, its okay. The ending got 50 peaks..was thanks to Kevin. I didn't see what so special about the ending to get 50 peaks. But I was satisfied with the ending. Maybe a little upset with Tavia's ending. I believe that Tavia wasn't evil, she just "gan" and greedy. Hmm.. maybe if Charmaine had turn Tavia in before, maybe Tavia wouldn't gone too far with her greed's. By the end Charmaine was full of regret and Tavia was full of greed. The two sisters fortunately split up. It got even to a point where tavia wanted to kill Charmaine. It was sad to see.. and all the deaths were really sudden and weren't realistic. I cried the most was the death of Krystal and when Hor Wai leaving the palace, and the scene she had with Kara crying.

Weakest acting
For some reason, I find Kevin acting the weakest in the series. Kevin character really didn't do much. Mostly he just stand by Moses, giving him advices and have lovely scenes with Charmaine. Also I find Moses acting weak too..he really have the 3 words and Charmaine in his mind too much. I like is "dumb'' scene better and little emperor Li played by Lawrence. Lawrence did a great job =D

Strongest acting
Susan Tse had the most powerful acting in the series. I get all creep up when she tried to be nice and when her scenes comes up. She really did showed many powerful faces and glares. Tavia did a well job for acting a evil role for the first time. I would love to see more of her evil roles in the future but I hope that in the future her evil roles would improve and give me more. Tavia wasn't as powerful as Susan, and I expected more but she did alright.

I love the costumes. Its so pretty and the hair pieces. Its all so nice.

Theme songs/sub
Yes I love both songs. "Palace Scheme" by Susanna, the song remind me of HOG and Moonlight. and the sub "Windmill" by Charmaine, is really soothing. A Kid song =]

The series did fine but yes it could have done better. Will I recommend it? No. But if you really want to see it, go ahead. But to me I'm really tired with all the scheming and tired with this series. I was planning to watch it the second time, but nope it would not happen. TVB really shouldn't changed the title to "Beyond the Realm of Conscience" it really should just stay as "Palace Scheme". Since its all about scheming. I literally did said to the screen.. "give up Tavia with all the scheming and give up everyone". I was like telling everyone to give up xP lol. The presentation clip was much better. I learned my lesson..not to anticipate a series too much. Mostly the theme to the series is.. never be greedy. Do good deeds you'll get good rewards other wise you'll be punish. I rate the series 8/10 I'm pretty sure Born Rich will turn out just like Beyond.

Only grand production would be rated out of 10

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