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Thursday, December 31, 2009

TVB 2009 review...

TVB 2009 had finally came to an end. TVB 2009 had brought many happiness and craziness and sadness. It had brought many great series and series that you can just skip right through. I had enjoy TVB 2009 and looking forward to TVB 2010. Hope that in 2010, it'll bring TVB a better result. Better then 2009. Some might say, 2009 was a boring year for TVB. I find it alright. Hopefully in 2010, TVB will rise again and shine brighter. 2010 will be a better year for TVB and for all of us.

-09 Grand Productions-
Beyond the Realm of Conscience - The series itself is alright. What lack the series was the script. If the script was better, then the series will be much better. It had a grand cast and costume. All it lack was more effort in the script.

Born Rich - I haven't finish with this series yet. Can't say much, but I can see that the story is getting boring. Cause I'm getting bored. It has its funny times and sad times. The series has a great cast with all the veteran actors and fa dans and siu sangs. Their acting will never disappoint me. But I'll see how it'll turn out.

-09 42nd Award series-
Rosy Business - Honesty I didn't watch this series myself. But I got a lot of good reviews from my family, and friends and online friends. Even most of the cast won the award that night. Pretty sure this series isn't disappointing. Rosy II has my support and I'll watch it.

-series that I saw-
You're Hired- One amazing series I saw this year xD I love it, it has everything. But there is a boring part to it. Other wise it would be amazing. I'm satisfied with it and very happy. The chemistry and acting was amazing xD One great comedy of the year!!

Sweetness in the Salt - Truthfully I do find this series boring at some point. But I did enjoy the series. It wasn't disappointing.. well maybe it does drag along and the script did lack. But it still watchable. I really did had a great time watching it. The love triangle was what kept me watching it. Otherwise, I probably had given up.

D.I.E. Again - I had great laughs with this series. I like how they added two new people to join the D.I.E crew. Especially love Ko Sir and Lo Sir xD the babies were cute too!! I was surprise that this wasn't disappointing. I find it funnier than the prequel. If there is D.I.E III I'll support but I doubt it xP

Pages of Treasures - This series is Okay, its a good, relaxing series to watch. With all the craziness in GEM. I enjoy it.

E.U - This series was successful. I had completely given up with TA ever since they made a sequel. But the 3rd installment had bought me great expectations and I enjoyed it. One good series. But the 4 installment? I'm not sure =\

Just Love II - Its alright. The baby was adorable =] It wasn't disappointing. I enjoy this one better then the prequel actually. It was relaxing, only part I hate was the baby mix up thing. -.-'' I find it really unnecessary.

King of Snooker - It's okay. I got bored in some point but I manage to watch it. All to Niki xD Niki and Patrick relationship was okay. Enjoy watching their chemistry.

The Threshold of Persona - It was boring and okay at the same time. But it was disappointing. I took off couple weeks and actually finished it. I like the chemistry between Natalie and Patrick. The only thing that kept me watching it, but it was all disappointment.

The Greatness of the Hero - It was warehouse. I still don't get why, but maybe there is too much beheading. It's okay, not a crazy series. It was slow.. Wayne portrayed his evil role well. Sunny and Bernice relationship was actually pretty nice =]

Gem of Life - Isn't this part of last years anniversary?? Lol.. prolly not. but I always thought that it was part of last years grand production xD lol.. Okay anyways, this series is actually okay. I manage to watch all 80 eps. Yes it was disappointing and boring and the series drags all the way. But it was okay. I had anticipated this series when it said it'll aired. It had a grand cast, it was once again the script and the series is too long. The chemistry in here is good. I enjoyed the chemistry but the series indeed really boring. *sigh* this series was kinda a waste. They spend so much on it, many expensive places and traveling everywhere. Amazing cast. But it went down the drain.

-series that I never start-
Winter Melon Tale
Man In Charge - I actually saw the 1st eps, it was funny, but I didn't know why I never finish it.
The Stew of Life - I said I'll watch it but never did.
A Great Way To Care
A Bride for a Ride

-series that I gave up on-
Burning Flame 3 - I'm sorry, I couldn't continue. I had to give it up. I had anticipate for this series cause I loved the 1st and 2nd installment. But this series I was really disappointed. It was disappointing and boring. I still don't get how it took BR place in the top 5 during the Award night.

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