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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Artist of the Month

I'm sorry for posting this really late. I didn't intend to post it up late, but each day is just going by and I'm busy. I'm sorry. Remember that Artistes of the Month can be anyone. From Veteran actors, Retired actors, supporting, fa dans and siu sang and to newcomers. Anyone can be selected. Last month I had all of you vote for this months artist. And I had chose who I want to present. Graduate of TVB's 13th acting class.....

Tavia Yeung. Yeung Yi!!!

Tavia born on August 30th in 1979. Graduated from TVB 13th acting class in 1998 is today's TVB fa dan. Graduating along side with TVB siu sang Raymond Lam and Raymond Wong. Having graduated from TVB. Tavia started off her career with many cameo role. Tavia portrayed as Maggie Chueng little sister in "When Dreams Come True" (starring Liza Wang) as ah Yan. Which Tavia really reassemble Maggie. Each year, Tavia tried her best and Improved a lot. In 2003 she finally got the most improvement award starring as Kelly in Vigilante Force. From then on Tavia would work hard and she finally got where she is today. After many different roles, Tavia was chosen to lead in "Twins of Brother" with Raymond Lam and Ron Ng. And also in 2006 Tavia lead in "The Academy" along side with Ron Ng. With many supports and achievements, Tavia stand where she is today being TVB's Fa Dan.

I first notice Tavia in The Academy. Where I thought her acting was good. The love chemistry with Ron bought me in being a TaRo fan. I did see Golden Faith as a child and remember her role as Kiki.. but then I didn't know who she was. In 2007 Tavia received an award as Best Actress by Improvement kept on showing and I loved Tavia in Moonlight Resonance. Where I thought she portrayed her role well. Her crying scenes are amazing. Where you can feel her pain and tears. 2008 Tavia received an award for Best Supporting Actress. In 2009, Tavia's breakthrough role as a villain in Beyond the Realm of Conscience, bought her more praise and applaud from the audience. Tavia was nominated for Best Actress for her role as Yiu kam Ling. Which I thought Tavia did job well done. Which she was hot favoured to win along side veteran actress Sheren Tang and TVB's leading lady Charmaine Sheh. Which she lost the award to Sheren Tang, Tavia manage in winning two awards. Winning the Favorite Female Character and Best Performance of The Year, Tavia had already done her best in 2009. Now in 2010, Tavia going shoot up again and tried her best. Each year watching Tavia on screen, I have the same feeling, which she is improving.

2010 Tavia another series being release soon, I can't wait and anticipating for it. Leading in Mysteries of Love along side with Raymond Lam, Bernice Liu and Kenneth Ma. That series will definitely be a success, don't forget The Stars of Love along side with Steven Ma. I will always support you Tavia!! Keep on trying best and very soon, she'll be TVB leading Lady!! Tavia really do have potential. Support from me!!! One of My favorite Actress =D

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