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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January Babies

Its January!! Happy Birthday to all January babies ;] first I like to say Happy Birthday BERNICE LIU!!! Its Bernice bday today =D I wish you very happy birthday!! Wish you luck, happiness, more series, and fortune.. in your new year. Remember to give yourselves more rest and stay healthy and happy!!! Happy 31st Bday!! No matter what I'll always support you!! <33

Here are the rest of January artists bday's I know. Happy belated birthday to Sunny Chan!! I wish all of you a very happy birthday and fortune and happiness. Wish you lots of luck and more series to film. But always stay happy and healthy!! Support all of you =]

Jan 1st - Sunny Chan
Jan 6th- Bernice Liu
Jan 8th - Charmaine Li
Jan 9th - Wong Cho Lam
Jan 13th - Lee Heung Kam
Jan 17th - Sharon Chan
Jan 20th - Joyce Tang

Wish all of you lots of luck!! Supports all of you!! <3 February Babies coming soon.. stay tune ;]

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