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Sunday, January 17, 2010

You're Beautiful - Korean drama

I just finish watching the 16 episode Korean Drama, You're Beautiful. Yes that series is in my favorite series list. It was one great awesome Kdrama I saw... and yep, now I'm obsessed with it and I miss it =[ The drama is really interesting, its comedy and romance. The story line is really sweet. Try It, I recommend it xD. I'm going to put up a full write up after my midterm exams. So sorry guys.. I'll be away from foreverloveTVB. I guess this mean that foreverloveTVB will go on a short Hiatus. But you all can still leave me messages xD. I'll reply to those.

That scene above is very memorable. The scene in the middle was the night before Go Mi Nam (Park Shin Hye) goes and promote his video. The others are not going with him. And Mi Nam was outside looking at the stars, Hwang Tae Kyung (Jang Geun Suk) came out and talk to her. It was dark out and they were looking at the stars. But Tae Kyung couldn't seen them because he has dark blindness. Tae Kyung start to have feelings for her and he told her that, don't go anywhere that I can't see you. Stay close to me so I can see you clearly. "It's Frustrating that I can't see you" But when he said that Mi Nam already decided. She has to go away and reveal herself, she doesn't want to get involved between Tae Kyung and Yoo He Yi (Uee). Mi Nam thought that Tae Kyung likes Yoo He Yi and He Yi told her to reveal herself during the promotion. So the other two pictures on the side is her dress up as herself and he in the back. Which it was dark cause the press and director, fans where watching her music video. Tae Kyung was looking for her and he yelled out "I told you not to go where I can't see You". That scene and the that line is really memorable. The line represent them. Its a very sweet/sad scene. You'll need to watch yourself xD.

Well I'll be back, wait for the review. Click on the image to see it bigger ;]

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