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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month goes to....

Kenneth Ma, Ma Kwok Ming!!

Kenneth Ma born on February 13 1974 is a graduate of TVB's 14th Acting Class in 1999. Is today's TVB Siu Sang. Graduating from Delia International School and Douglas College in Vancouver and University of British Columbia. Majoring in Mechanical Engineering. After his studies, Kenneth went back to Hong Kong and enter TVB's 14th acting class. After his class in 1999, Kenneth started to appear in cameo roles and supporting. But after awhile TVB had started to promote Kenneth and started to have more supporting roles. In 2006 TVB's 39th anniversary, Kenneth received his first award. Getting an award for "Most Improvement Actor". His popularity and promotion shot up. TVB gave Kenneth his first leading role in 2007 for the series Survival Laws II. With that series, it had lead Kenneth popularity to shoot up again. Receiving a 31 peak rating in the 2nd half of its broadcast. In Kenneth 10 years in TVB, he had filmed over 60 series. Ever since leading in Survival Law II.. Kenneth started to lead in many other series.

Kenneth is a really hardworking guy. Quiet and tried his best. Even on his off days, Kenneth would go to the studio and watch others film. He would watch other film to learn more from them. Kenneth never stop working.. he tried and keep on trying. With all the effort and hard work he put in, it lead to where Kenneth is today as TVB's Fa Dan and leading in series. Kenneth receives many praises from everyone around him. They all praise him as hardworking, clever, and a good boy. Kenneth is filial to his mother, and everyone who is older than him. Final said, Kenneth is a hardworking and a great boy.

Improvements every time I see him on TV. Kenneth had filmed many series that I had watch when I was younger. But I didn't notice him until Lost in the Chamber of Love. Well I did have a small notice in The Triumph in the Sky, but in Chamber its when he starts to shine out to me. Also after seeing him leading in Into the Thin Air along side with Michael Miu, Melissa Ng, and Bernice Liu. With an amazing chemistry with Bernice that is when he captures my heart. Kenneth really improves every time. Kenneth has really great chemistry with everyone. His acting is really natural and he is very special. That what make us all love Ma Ming. Kenneth brings great attitudes to work and is very diligent. Place in top 5 for TVB Awards the past 3 years and was surprisingly the only male from Born Rich to be nominated in to the top 5 at 2009 awards. That means that he did a great job in Born Rich ;] Ma Ming had sung some theme songs and its just shooting up each time. Kenneth also has an awesome characteristics and humor. Everyone around him loves him and have many friends in the entertainment circle. With his new series Mystery of Love coming out, I'll definitely support Kenneth all the way. And can't wait for his chemistry with Bernice again =]

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