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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Artist of the Month

I know March is almost over and I am putting this up now. Sorry, I was busy like I said before on my other post. I couldn't find much information of Sharon, therefore this post would not be (that) long, like my other Artist's of the Month posts. Next month, I'll have the poll up again for all of you to vote for the April's artists of the month. But I get the final say =P but don't worry, it'll be satisfying.

March's Artists of the Month goes to Sharon Chan

Sharon Chan born on January 17th, 1979 and is TVB's Fa Dan. Sharon is currently 31 and her favorite cartoon character is Winnie The Pooh.. hahaha.. just like me xD. Sharon started out in 1994 as a model and still a model today. Well maybe not a full time model, but still poses for pictures and doing walks/shows just like other artistes. How did Sharon became TVB's Fa Dan today? Many artistes took the path to participate in Miss Hong Kong or graduated from TVB's acting class. Unlike other artistes, Sharon did not participate in any of those things. But I'm pretty sure if Sharon participated in Miss Hong Kong, she definitely will make it in to the top 3! Before Sharon was an actress, Sharon was actually a model started in the year of 1994, but during her modeling career, acting career was suggested to her. So Sharon took up the challenge and became an actress. Slowly rising and became TVB's Fa Dan. But Sharon dreamed/really wanted to become a singer during her career as a model. But instead of becoming a singer she became an actress.

Sharon had filmed many series and was nominated almost every year. I can see the potential in Sharon, she really deserve to win an award but was unlucky every year. I hope this year, she can finally bring something home! Each time I see Sharon in a series, I can see that she improved a lot. Sharon really have the potential to lead a series and yup she finally got her chance to lead in The Beauty of The Game along side with Christine Ng and Kate Tsui. Sharon was mostly nominated for Most Improved Actress and Best Supporting Actress. But in 2007 Sharon was nominated for both Best Actress (top 20) and Most Improved Actress. For her roles in Devil Disciples and World Twisters Adventures. Most of her nominations are in the rank of top 10 and top 5. Sharon really have the potential. Most of the time I see Sharon as an host. Sharon is dedicated to her work and tried her very best to become what she is today. Most series I see Sharon in, she is mostly bipolar. She has two faces/sides, and I like that. She can portray the very nice side and the very mean side really well. I'm bias myself too.. cause I only like certain artistes that can portray the evilness and doesn't get disappointed and doesn't hate the character.

Having and wanting the dream of becoming a singer but didn't get that faith. Sharon didn't give up and worked her best into acting. Even though she didn't get the chance to become a singer, Sharon did sang songs for TVB's Themes. So far I had heard two songs from Sharon and her voice is quite nice. But I really don't like the idea how many actresses are going into the music industry, so I rather have Sharon to continue her acting career and don't get into the music industry. But if Sharon one day really wants too, I'll support her. One of her song is called Love Steps (逐格重播), the theme song for At Home With Love and also in the 'Lady in Red CD'. The other song she sang was one of The Glittering Days sub theme, called The Circle Game.

Nevertheless, Sharon really do have the potential in acting. Hoping one day I can see her acting as the First Lead in a series and hearing more TVB Themes songs from her. Sharon has a stunning body, beautiful face and a very pretty smile. Really does fit for being a model. But her sweet personality and a sweet smile also made it perfect to becoming an actress. Every pictures I see, Sharon really stands out. Sharon is photogenic, she would really bring an award home if she participated in MHK. Sharon is gorgeous, another beauty in TVB. I have faith in her and definitely will support Sharon! Keep up the great work and definitely she'll be leading very soon. TVB is promoting her these recent year, with quite a lot of her series released and going to be release. Sharon was really lucky to be placed in Born Rich. She can really steal some acting tips from Veterans and past TVB's Fa Dans, like Anita Yeun, Kenix Kwok, and Jamie Chik. All I have to say now is keep it up and I'll always support you!!
I really think that she look really good in all her pictures. She is really photogenic. Anyone agree or I'm the only one? =P

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