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Monday, April 26, 2010


Tavia Yeung's Blog is Number One

Tavia's Blog is number, come by and check it out. Her blog is getting more and more visitors. I'm really happy for her. Visit Tavia's blog to get more news and updates from her. Also go and support her!!
Tavia's Blog

Oh and also I'm going to be away from my blog. I don't know when I'll be back. Sorry All, foreverloveTVB will be on hiatus. I had schedule May's Babies to be posted on May 1st. I might update on May 1st for May's Artists of the Month. If not then I'm sorry. May will not get an Artists of the Month. I'll use May's artists again for June. I'll make a post for June's Artists of the Month, but I won't be back till late June, maybe like the last week of June. I'm aiming to come back on foreverloveTVB's 2nd years anniversary. I'm going to be on hiatus cause huge college entrance exams are coming up again and other huge exams coming up in early/mid-May and mid/late-June. So I got to go and study. Bye Bye TVB and TVB online world. I still haven't finish In the Eyes of the Beholder and want to start on many other series. When I get back, I'll have so much to catch up on. I do not want to leave but I'll have to =[

Next Artists of the Month will be Natalie Tong, for her excellent performances throughout the year and in A Fistful of Stances!

Goodbye and take care, until we meet again.....

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