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Thursday, April 8, 2010


I was recently on Ever Star - Annisa's blog and was reading her recent post! Have you guys heard of Weibo? Then you all should head over to Ever Star like right now!! Just click here <--- and it'll bring you to the awesome blog of EverStar. There Annisa had explain everything and every step in making a account. After you made an account, congratulations cause you are verified to Stalk your favorite Artists xD I like stalking people and yes I know I'm creepy, but hey, that is what I do. So I'm really happy and delighted that Weibo was made and now I can stalk all the artistes..muhahhhawaahahh.. yea okay that was suppose to be a laugh.. but didn't come out right xP Just hope that more artists will join and I can stalk them... I mean nicely saying.."follow" them =P

It's like facebook for artistes..haha, I think is not even close to that but yea. Oh and its in Chinese and my Chinese sucks.. so that why I told you all to hop over to Ever Star. *sigh* you can read the conversation between each Stars, but I can't read in Chinese =\ but I think some Stars write in English.. hope they do!!

So head on over to Annisa's and you'll know what to do. Ever Star

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