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Monday, June 21, 2010

A Fistful of Stances

Just a little thoughts on the series. I recently finished watching Beholder and the reviews will be up soon. So like I finish Beholder and now I'm watching Fist. I'm really interested in watching it, its really good. I'm so happy that I actually decide to watch this, or else I'm going to miss out on so much. Ahahaha... but now, I have so much series to catch up on too >< but no worries I can finish one series in two days and start on the next one. xD Yep its non-stop, and it'll be faster and easier, since it's summer now =P Lols. I'm currently on eps 5 on Fist, and like I said before I really enjoy it. There is so much yelling!! Hahaha.. and I like how the family bond is so sweet and funny, like Moonlight. It really does kinda resemble Moonlight. The ancient version? Lol, but its just not about family business..hahaha. Shirley is so adorable, especially her mad expression, its so cute and the way she yell and laugh. Hahaha.. it make me laugh too. I like how they trying to be serious and then they just burst out laughing. Such a happy family moment. I can't wait to keep on watching it >< its getting exciting and I'm getting the chills each time. Ever since the appearance of Dominic, doesn't matter if it was the past or the present, I get the chills. I get scare each time, you never know what he is up to each I enjoy watching the past and the present, it'll get annoying but I like it. That is how we are getting information. It's getting better and better. xD

I like the opening theme, how the music blends in with the pictures. I like how it shows every one's sad/teary face. Hmmm.. if they never met Dominic and never took him in as part of the group. Then none of these bad thing will happen. Anyways, everyone in here is actually really adorable. Especially Kenneth >< a cutie! Lols.
I just can't wait to continue and finish watching it.

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