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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kenneth Ma going to play villain and want to pair with Tavia

Kenneth Ma to play a villain, wants to play a couple with Tavia Yeung

Tavia Yeung and Kenneth Ma were guests for a large family chain store event. Tavia was dressed in a low-cut outfit and when asked why she's so sexy today? She said: "Because Kenneth just came back from India, very sunny atmosphere there, so I'm wearing a little sunshine to match him. It's rare that I get to earn money with him, even filming series we have little scenes together, hope to have more opportunities to work with Kenneth in the future."

just ended, playing as a couple with Tavia, Raymond Lam didn't get to earn money with her, asked if Raymond is a high price? Tavia joked: "Yes! His concert tickets are expensive, I will be bringing my whole family to support him." Speaking of wanting to purchase furniture, Tavia said: "I really want to buy a massage chair the most, so I can go home after work and get a massage."

Kenneth was asked if he wants a sequel to his high rated series , Kenneth said: "If there is an opportunity of course that's good because my role was a breakthrough, not gentle and obedient anymore. I actually hope to pair up with Tavia as a couple because that never happened before. (How is your schedule like now?) Will start on new series , the first time I'm playing a villain." 

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Thoughts: I want to see Tavia and Kenneth as a couple =] It's going to be refreshing and fun!! And I want to see Kenneth evil! It must be fun to watch xD lols

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