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Monday, July 19, 2010

2010 Fav themesongs...

So far I think 2010 TVB is doing well. Better than last year TVB 2009. I pretty much like most of the series in 2010 and the theme songs. Below I listed my Favorite 2010 theme songs. They are not particularly in any order.
I hope all of you like them too. 

Do not Leave or Forsake - Ryan Lau

Until you Do Not Look for Me - Raymond Lam

Clear Thinking - Steven Ma

Forget Myself - Myolie Wu

(The Season of Fate) themesong - Michael Tse

Later on in the year, like around TVB Awards time. I'm going to put up all 2010 TVB themesongs and I'm going to rate them =]

So stay tune ;]

credit to and to all respectful owners who uploaded the video. 

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Anonymous said...

Out of all the themesongs, they are good, but my favorite i think would have to be Sisters of Pearl. I love that song so much :D