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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ghost Writer II?

Steven Ma, Fala Chen and Linda Chung attended Ghost Writer's (Pu Song Ling) celebration event. Producer announced that next year, the casts would come together for a second sequence and a stage drama. He also has confidence in Steven Ma winning TV King based on this drama, but Linda Chung is afraid of filming the second sequence. She's happy but worried at the same time.

The series, Ghost Writer's final episode has an average of 36 points, highest was at 41 points. The final part where human, ghost and fox struggling in their triangle love touched many people, producer Leung Choi Yuen announced at the celebration event that the series would have a second sequence and a stage drama next year, with the same casts. All the casts were very happy, opening champagne to celebrate.

Before this Wayne Lai expressed that he has confidence in Steven Ma in competing for TV with Ken Cheng based on the series, "When Lanes Merge", so happen that both the series have the same producer, Leung Choi Yuen (Choi-suk). When asking Choi-suk who he has confidence in, he said, "He (Ken Cheng) was already Movie King for 2 years, don't fight with the younger ones la! I really have confidence in him ( Steven Ma), whether he can get it or not depends on how he works."

Steven who was smiling at the side said, "I would choose not to think, of course if can get it would be good, every year I have the same thinking, but it has passed me for many years."

About the second sequence, Linda Chung was afraid but happy, she said, "I'm also very happy, but can it not be about ghost again! It's really evil, I felt uneasy all the time when filming the series. (Will quit acting?) "Then of course not, but I would not wanna be a ghost! I'm really afraid of insomnia! Before this, right after finish filming this series, I recovered immediately."

About Fala Chen focusing on her singing career next year, and also working on her jobs in TVB, she said, " No matter what I am still from TVB, filming series always comes first, company also would not allow me to have so much free time, being busy is also a good thing, I would be the same to both, hopefully I can take care of both."
Thoughts - So there going to be the second part of Ghost Writers? I can't wait and I'll be looking forward to it ;] And it must be interesting having a Stage Drama too.. can't wait. ;D
Translator: Eujean Lee @ TVB Newsworld

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