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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ron wants Intimate Scenes with Tavia...

Tavia Yeung, Moses Chan and Ron Ng were filming at a bowling centre for their new series (Yes Sir No Sir) yesterday. This is the first time Tavia plays the role of a teacher, she said, "After becoming a "miss"(teacher), I act like a "Miss" in front of my niece and nephew, I would advice and teach them." Ron Ng who develops feelings for Tavia Yeung in the series was asked if there will be intimate scenes, he said, "I have read 24 episodes of the script, but there isn't any, I would have to ask the producer, ask him to add some."
Credit - Source: Oriental daily
Translator: Eujean Lee @ TVB Newsworld
Thoughts: Ahhh...I want to see intimate scenes of Ron and Tavia in the new series . =D Ron is asking for it? Hehehe... there better be some xD Lol. Yes I know, I'm such a TaRo Fan. But I'm pretty sure other TaRo fans are excited too xD I can't wait for this series to air!! ^^ 

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