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Monday, January 31, 2011

News Update: Raymond Lam's Cousin enter TVB?

Since attending his younger sister, Regina ’s wedding, Raymond Lam Fung’s family photos have circulated online. Many netizens noted the physical resemblance between Regina and TVB comedian, Wong Cho Lam, and heavily criticized Regina ’s appearance.

On the other hand, Raymond’s younger cousin, Lin Xia Wei, received a high positive praise for her looks. Xia Wei’s beauty stood out at the wedding. As a theater performer at the Hong Kong Repertory, Xia Wei appeared on TVB’s The Green Room <今日VIP> for an interview earlier. Due to the public’s positive praise towards Xia Wei’s beauty, TVB allegedly asked Raymond to persuade her to join TVB. Perhaps it may be possible that Raymond and Xia Wei will form a “brother and sister” team at TVB!

Old student photos of Xia Wei circulated the forums and her star quality was obvious even in simple, everyday photos. Xia Wei possessed large, round eyes and partially resembled Lin Chiling andJennifer Tse Ting Ting.

At her wedding, Regina ’s looks were heavily criticized by netizens, leading to much unhappiness. As a loving brother, Raymond set aside time in his extremely busy schedule to appear at Regina ’s wedding. Through his manager, Cindy, Raymond posted on his blog about the incident. He praised Regina for being kind-hearted and filial to the family. Due to his appearance at Regina ’s wedding, Raymond felt disheartened that he brought upon such criticism towards his sister.


Thoughts: We can see the nose resemblance through out the family. Lol. XD ahaha. I think Fung's cousin is quite pretty. She does resemble couple artistes.

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