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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

News update: Michelle Reis gave birth!!

Today, Michelle Reis gave birth of a lovely baby boy. Michelle and business tycoon husband Julian Hui, have given the English name of Jayden Max Hui to their first newborn. Jayden weighed 2.93 kilograms and measured 49cm long. The name Jayden means ‘One who is thankful to God ’. The happy couple revealed that they have not decided on a Chinese name yet, but Jayden has lips like mum, a lot of hair and deep double fold eyelids.

Many reporters were waiting at the hospital around 3am and Michelle’s in laws where also there waiting since yesterday afternoon. The family had 6 security staff at the hospital and one of the family’s staff went to see the reporters to distribute red packets of a thousand Hong Kong dollars each.
Around 4am, Michelle sent a message to the media, she commented: “Thank you for all your support and best wishes throughout my pregnant. The experience was very unforgettable and very enjoyable.”

Michelle's long term PR company, IPS gave public announcement at around 2:30pm today of the great news. The company branded Michelle as 'Yummy Mummy Michelle' and announcement of, 'On 8th February, Jayden Max Hui was born.'

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Source: Mingpao
Translated By: Elvina Chang @ TVB News World

Thoughts: Congrats to Michelle and her husband Julian!!! Jayden is a nice name..and its quite popular. It was listed in the top 10 names in the States last year. Lol.  

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