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Monday, March 14, 2011

News update: Laughing Gor returns...

Yesterday, there was a costume fitting for the new TVB series ‘Sneak Attack’. Actors include Michael Tse playing ‘Laughing’, Bosco Wong, Fala Chan, Kate Tsui and Damian Lau also attended this event. Damian smiled: “I have been away from TVB for a whole year. I am fortunate to return and participate in a series with Laughing” He thanks Michael for bringing him this opportunity which made Michael look slightly embarrassed.

For this series, Michael will play ‘Laughing’ and portray a police officer and Fala will play the role of Michael’s boss. The two characters will blossom a relationship. Fala laughed and commented that she will be the one who wears the trousers in the relationship. On the other hand, Michael expressed that he has some good news. Asked if it was good news about his wife, he replied: “No, it’s about The Rippling Blossom finale episode, the Internet ratings show 180 million hits.” Reporters later informed Michael the average viewers rating for The Rippling Blossom was 34 points, the highest was 38. He seemed happy with the results. Asked if he will treat the crew from the series to dinner, he smiled: “Why not. Heard that Chilam’s concert is full and the two shows earned almost 100 million! More the reason to celebrate such good news, I do not mind treating!”

In the series, Bosco plays a gangster with a limp and develops a relationship with Kate’s character. Bosco laughed: “I will love and hate her and I hear there were many bed scenes in the script and lots of messing around.” Reporters asked Bosco if girlfriend Myolie Wu will get jealous, he replied: “No, it is only acting. Kate and I are not feeling embarrassed. I don’t see her as a girl and so we go wild when doing kissing scenes and her hair is everywhere!”

Other news, the broadcasting commission received 2 complaints about TVB ‘The Rippling Blossom’ as it showed in the storyline, eating rare part of the tuna is bad influence for children as well as for the environment.

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Source: Oriental Daily
Translated By: Elvina Chang @ TVB News World

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