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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Aprils Babies

It's a brand new month and you all know what that mean? It's time for the April's Babies to rise and shine!! Happy Birthday to all April's birthdays. It's your month to shine and grow into a new year!! Happy Birthday!!
Below are some of the April bdays that I know of. If I miss anyone feel free to tell me =]

Happy Birthday!!

April's Babies...

Amiee Chan - 4/1
Linda Chung - 4/9
Moses Chan - 4/16
Queenie Chu - 4/22
Johnson Lee - 4/25
Kenny Wong - 4/30

Happy Birthday!! I wish all of you have a wonderful birthday. And wish that all your dreams/wishes will come true. Good Luck in everything you do cause I'll definitely support you all!! Wishing all of you have many series to film but don't over work yourself ;] Wishing all of you good health, luck, and prosperity!! Happy Bday!!

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