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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Just hearing this duet from Boscolie makes me smile. Along with news and pictures or them, my smiles just get bigger and bigger. I am truly truly really happy for them. They are meant for each other and I wish them forever happiness together. Can't you guys just see that they are glowing especially Myolie. Every time she's on the news, we can see that she is shining and glowing each day. She is so happy and we can definitely see that she is really happy with Bosco. Myolie finally became more cheerful and is more open up now. From her interview we can see that she had a unhappy and lonely childhood but now every thing had change for her. Even the way she see life had changed after she had met Bosco. I am really happy and hope that they use this song for their wedding =P 
Just every time it makes me smile. Seeing them like this make me even happier for them!! Can't wait for the wedding day!! 

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