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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

foreverloveTVB's favorite couples???

There are many couples I had enjoyed watching. And yes, if I enjoy watching them, I would love to see them pair up again and again. But to a minimum, if I see them series after series I'll get annoyed. I really enjoy watching all Steven Ma's pairings. Especially with Linda, Bernice, and Tavia. These three were paired with Steven so many times and he had so much chemistry with each of them. It makes me smile and go awww wish I can see you guys get paired again. But Tavia and Steven always have open endings, I hope that one day they will get a happy ending soon!! 
Kenneth and Fala paired in Here Come the Princess were definitely hands down adorable!! 
I absolutely love watching Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan pairing!! They were definitely had so much chemistry. 
Gallen Lo and Jessica were nice too. Also definitely Bobby Au Yeung and Esther Kwan!! OMG they were just amazing and funny =) 
Who else? There are actually many more but its so hard to list them. 
Flora Chan and Joe Ma were pretty nice too. Flora and Gallen. 

But my four favorites couples got to be Bermo, Boscoliee, TaRo, and Rayda. No matter who they end up dating and marrying, these couples will never change in me. They are my favorites and they will be a couple to me forever. Hope that one day it will come true. The only couple that is confirm is Boscoliee and when ever I read and see their news, I love them more and more. >< 
But out of the favorite hands down got to be TaRo!!! Ahhh they are just so compatible and cute together. They are the ONLY Friends they Would Holds Hands in Public. The only friends that would do any couples would do in public and still go around with out any news. They are just amazing, adorable, sweet, funny, silly couple!!! 

But But But... 
My All Time Golden and Favorite Couples are Michael Tao and Kenix Kwok!!! 
Oh come on, I'm pretty sure you all agree with me ;] 
Out of the couples they have the most most most chemistry!!! When ever they are in a series, their emotions and chemistry just drag you into the screen. They were paired many times and they are the most popular popular couples!! Gosh I love them <33 
Hope that one day I'll get to see them paired again!! Both with amazing acting skills!!
My Golden couples of all time!! And It Will Never Change!! 

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