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Thursday, March 22, 2012

2012 Favorite Theme Songs

So far my favorite theme songs of 2012!!

"Serial Drama" by Joey Yung

This song is really powerful; Joey sang this song with so much power!! Usually, I would have to listen to the opening theme couples time for me to like it. But from the first episode, this song had already driven me into it!! I think that the lyrics fit really well for the series and fit for each scene. Also I think that the lyrics really fit perfectly for Yat Kin and Ji Yu. 

"Flawed Beauty" by Fala Chen

I enjoy the chorus part the best! 

"Young Ignorance" by Bowie Lam, Moses Chan & Kenny Wong

Really nice song!!

"A Tale of a Wounded City" by Linda Chung and Ron Ng

Actually it's nice when you hear it couple of times. 

"Dawn Blossoms Picked at Dusk" by Teresa Cheung

This is another very powerful song!!

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Anonymous said...

agree! loved joeys song the first time I heard it. she drives the power and emotion