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Friday, March 2, 2012

L'Escargot - Review

I don't even know what to say about this series -.- I'm just going to make a list of what I think so far and some other stuffs. 

  • Okay, at first, I thought this series will be promising. I started watching because of that and because Michael Miu and Sonija Kwok is in it. And of course Ron =) 
  • I thought the first couple eps were nicely portrayed. -The housing used were realistic and it revolved around a daily bases family life. 
  • But then I got disappointed...and I left it at that. Don't remember what episode I was on. But I'm going to finish it. 
  • I really like Lam Lam, Sonija and Miu's daughter. She is really superb at crying and she is just talented. Reminded me of little Tiffany and Jenny. 
  • I wanted to slap Mandy SO Badly when she appeared. I was So annoy with her character. Who do you think you are? Just because you're pregnant and carrying a boy, doesn't mean you can go around and screw people over. And especially they were her family members. -_- She had taken so much advantage from Dai Lo On and we didn't even hear a Thank You. 
  • Finally she got Slap =) That was the slap everyone was waiting for and became the Epic Slap!! Well, for us to hate her character so much; we really need to give kudos to Mandy. She really did an amazing job with her character!! 
  • Next, I find Dai Ding and Ka Lok is the cutest thing. They were like the perfect, cute, adorable couple in the series. They were sweet and funny and you can see how much they had loved each other. But too bad..things came between them....
  • I really find Ka Lok really simple-minded and I really don't know what is going on in her head. I'm an so serious. How can she let go a perfect boyfriend!! You said that you have to repay Ko Wang Jim because he owes you too much. So you repay him by getting in bed with him... -.- does that make any sense? You have to ruin a very nice just have to let go a wonderful guy. Jim is married!! Wake up and he had Never asked you to Repay Him. I seriously don't know what she is thinking. made me so mad and heartbroken to watch the break-up scene. But I do have to give kudos to Linda for a great scene. And a Bigger Kudos to Ron for his Crying scene =) 
  • So the next person I wanted to slap was Ka Lok. But Dai Lo already did it. I can feel the tension and everything. Great scene. The next person I want to slap is Dai Lo On!! I'm not sure if he get slap by someone yet. Omgosh..he annoys me so much. I don't know why Sonija married him! Yes, okay we know that you like your family. You put them first but did you ever thought about your wife's feelings? No, you give away your money once after another like you're a bank. Those money was suppose for you to keep and saved for a house. But the worse part was you threw your 30 million to Jim. *sigh*  I don't know what goes in his head too. 
  • Finally I want to punch Jim. You're marry dude!!! disgusting and just ehh. Oh and I'm not sure if that was a mole on his face or was just for this show. It's really annoying -.- 
Basically I just want to get some point of thoughts out. I'll be back when I finish watching I guess. 

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