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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Updates, New Banner, and KenTa/MingYi's MV =D

I made a new banner ^^ You guys like? 
I change the banner because I really didn't like the previous one. 
This one is simple and set for now. Featuring Niki Chow. 
Another talented and beautiful Actress and Singer. 
My next banner will be something for foreverloveTVB's Fourth Anniversary :) 

Wow, foreverloveTVB will be four in June and its coming right around the corner!! 
Thank you guys for everything!! I love you all!! =D 

Coming up posts....
-Overview for Sergeant Tabloid 
-Thoughts so far for Gloves Comes Off?
-The Hippocratic Crush
-Part 2 of Forensic Heroes Overview
-The Five Fadans + Bernice (Six Fadans)
-Classic Themesongs of all time
-Top ten and five TVB series of all time
-Classic TVB series of all time
and other stuffs

And a treat to all MingYi/Kenta's fans
here is an behind the scenes MV that were put together nicely 
by StoryForestCN
Hope you all enjoy and share it with other KenTa fans :)

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