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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sergeant Tabloid - overview...

Series: Sergeant Tabloid
Eps: 21
Broadcast line: TVB [Warehoused]
Main Leads:Michael Tse, Niki Chow, Mandy Wong, Matthew Ko
Producer: Cheung Hon Man
Scriptwriters: Kwan Hou Yuet

I really don't have any thoughts to say about this series. Overall I thought it was pretty enjoyable. Yes, its a cop series, but it does not revolve around any suspense case or anything. It was pretty much easy going and care free drama. With the combine of police and journalism is really refreshing to see and we get to see what is really behind those journalists.

To me, Sergeant Tabloid actually had went by quickly for me. I actually was surprise that the series had came to an end and its a pity that this was warehoused. It had flown by quickly for me maybe because I didn't care for the storyline. Yes, I would have to agree and say that the storyline was draggy and it was up and down. But, I have to say I actually kept with the series because I'm so curious about Michael and Niki's chemistry. And to my surprise they were pretty nice together. They had actually given off a nice chemistry feel and happy that they have an happy ending.

Yes, scenes and cases were really rushed. Especially, Elaine Yiu's scene, what was her point of the story? I mean like, she hates police and she refer to them as the cats but why she chose to hurt Niki? They don't even know each other and what did Niki had done with her? But, that scene was really short and pointless. I hope those were not real rats, it did look real...probably is? But, how can Niki and Elaine manage to be around those. ><  They are really professional!! Another thing that bother me was Charlie. What was her point of the series? Well anyways, what she did to Michael and Niki at the end was really cheap. And I am happy that she realize what she did and gave up Michael.

Overall, I think its really care free and it's not that bad. It's enjoyable and I guess I had stayed on was to see Michael and Niki. And another nice touch to the series is that we can see the pretty, traditional cheongsam or qiu pao's.

I guess if you have any free time..go ahead. 

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