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Friday, June 22, 2012

Starhub Nominations Votes....

Hey everyone its that time of the year again for Starhub to give out awards. 
Even though Starhub is coordinated by TVB, I hope the results are fair and does not have anything to do with TVB politics. >< 
But anyways, guys come and vote for your favorites!! 
Kenta fans or On Call 36 hours fans or Yue-Tou fans vote for Tavia and Kenneth!! =D
They deserves it ;] 
and yes I had voted for them in all of the categories. There was no hesitations at all!! 
Because I do truthfully believe that THC was the best series and themesong this year. 
And Yes, I do believe that Kenta was the best couple this year!! I was not being bias. 
And you all should know by now that when it comes to awards I do not vote for my favorites and bais towards any artistes. I truly votes for who I thought was best. =]
And voting are unlimited so vote as many times as you want!! 


Voting ends August 11, 2012. 
Tell everyone to vote =] all votes counts!!

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