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Friday, July 6, 2012

Thoughts So Far...[Witness Insecurity]

I started on Witness Insecurity and now I'm waiting for episode five!! Episode one definitely had left me speechless; just like The Hippocratic Crush.

There were already so much actions in episode one and it carries onto episode four. In episode one the WPD (Witness Protection Department) were assigned to protect Kiu Kong Ho (Ram Tseung); as he was ambushed by a gunner that was sent by triad in Mainland. Apparently with what Ho had said drunkenly had pissed of the head of the mainland triad. He then had sent a gunner to kill him, but luckily Ho was not injured. But that doesn't stop there. Of course, do you really think one thing will be done so quick?

Hui Wai Sum, Hui Sir (Bosco Wong) is the head of his WPD team. His team was sent to protect Ho. As they were coming back from a place, another guy that was sent by the same dude was then follow the team in a bullet proof truck. Hui Sir got control of the truck and finish him off. The way Bosco came out from the truck was so cool and chok. It was definitely a scene to fangirl over. ;P

When they thought everything was settle, us, viewers definitely know its not over yet. The head of the mainland triad came to Hong Kong to personally apologies to Ho and his older brother Kiu Kong San (Paul Chun). Kiu Kong San is a person that has a lot of place to stand. No one in Hong Kong try to get into his way, but in Mainland they really don't care. So the guy came to Hong Kong and treated the brothers to lunch as an apology. San had to go off to a dinner meeting and Ho was left behind to entertain the mainland guy. They both got drunk and of course there go Ho again. He bashed the guy's favorite soccer team and he got really mad. He then shot Ho in the head and at that time there was an eyewitness. A neighbor that was walking his dog got shot by the guy and he died on the spot. Another eyewitness was Ho's niece and that is San's daughter, Kiu Ji Lam (Linda Chung).

Now the mainland guy got caught and Ji Lam needed to go and point him out. But that doesn't end there. Apparently the guy has two younger brothers in mainland and yes they are as powerful as well. They wouldn't let go of this until their brothers are free. Once again, WPD is called again and this time is to protect the safety of Ji Lam...

About Linda's character, I felt the pain and the fear for her. I actually felt like crying when she had that anxiety attack and the music plays in the background at the same time. It was really sad and the fear she had was just too strong. I'm not sure if I used the right word.

Ji Lam had develop a depression...or a phobia or something that cause her to have an anxiety attack around a group of people or people that she's not familiar with. I really wonder how she gained Bosco's trust? Was it really as simple as that for saving her cello in episode four? Later on, I guess we will find out what exactly cause her to develop this problem.

So, I am definitely interested into the series and looking for more to come and hope it will give me more surprises. I definitely enjoy all the supporting and really enjoy that there is a balance of screen time between the supporting, veterans, and to the leads. Just like On Call 36. Hope it will continue like that. And I am excited to watch another BoDa chemistry as in Moonlight Resonance they didn't end together and everyone was rooting for RayDa.. ;P

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