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Saturday, August 11, 2012

King Maker

Title: King Maker
Chinese Title: 造王者 (Jou Wong Jeh)
Cast: Wayne Lai, Kent Cheng, Crystal Tin, Natalie Tong, Chris Lai, Pierre Ngo, Florence Kwok, Elaine Yiu, Lee Kwok Lun, Vivien Yeo, etc.
Episodes: 28 [Grand Production]
Broadcast: 8/13/2012-9/19/2012
Genre: Ancient/Drama
Producer: Leung Choi Yuen
Theme: Dream Chaser (追夢者) Leo Ku

During the Southern Sung Dynasty, Prince CHIU KWAI-SHING (Pierre Ngo) and Prince CHIU KWAI-WO (Chris Lai) are rival brothers and they both covet the throne of the kingdom. As their strategic advisors, Chancellor YU CHING (Wayne Lai) and Chancellor TUNG CHIU (Kent Cheng) are long-time family friends as well as peer mentors. Unexpectedly, YU CHING’s father YU POK-MAN (Cheung Kwok Keung) courts disaster by making an indiscreet remark. Following the confiscation of their property, the family falls apart. YU CHING loses contact with both his younger brother YU TSING (Patrick Tang) and younger sister YU JING (Natalie Tong). Being deceived, YU TSING has become a eunuch suffering humiliation. YU JING, who experiences amnesia, has been adopted by YIM SAM-LEUNG (Kristal Tin), a daughter of a gang leader. Misconstruing that TUNG CHIU has betrayed his father for pursuing private ends, YU CHING joins force with the treacherous minister YEUNG CHI-SHAN (Lee Kwok Lun) against him. As the rivalry intensifies, both open strife and veiled struggle comes to light. A battle between King Makers sparks off a chain of startling events imbued with aggression, deceitfulness and malevolence.

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miriamfanz said...

Hopefully it's going to be a good historic drama after the flop Three Kingdoms. Wayne Lai vs Kent Cheng will be good!!! Plus theme song by the amazing Leo Ku. 30 second preview:

foreverlovetvb said...

Yes.. I hope this one would turn out better!! Wayne Lai vs Kent Cheng again.. who wouldn't want to see that? lol. They already vs each other in Greatness of a Hero ;]