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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Esther Kwan is Back!!

- The series will go from the Song Dynasty to the '50s and '60s, and then to the present...a love story that spans a thousand years.
- Esther Kwan will play a talented girl in the ancient times, a big sister in the '50s, and a popular host in the modern times.
- Bobby Au Yeung will play Judge Bao in the Song Dynasty, an Inspector in the '50s, and a police officer in the modern times.

Virginia Lok: "[Esther Kwan] is only signing for one series. It's because the script and the partner are captivating enough. In addition, the time could be accommodated. (Is there a need for her to get rid of her housewife look?) She is has been kept very nicely".

Chong Wai Kin: "Esther really likes the story. Hope that she and Bobby can create sparks again! Although [she] has to take care of her daughter, she does not have additional requests. The only suggestion was wanting to have scripts earlier. (She has to lose weight?) I don't think that she is fat...has kept herself very well".

Credit to Hyn5

Thoughts: Omgajjfkhakgjakljal!! You have no Idea How Happy I was seeing this news!! One of my childhood favorite and one of TVB all time golden couple is back with a series together!! I can't wait xD SO Excited! I can already see that they will have so much fun behind the scenes ;]

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