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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Favorite Songs of the Month: July

First thing first, I am so SORRY about the past months of favorite songs. I know I didn't kept up with that I am sorry about it!! Hope you all will forgive me! ><

For this month's favorite songs, I had plenty and most of them are Chinese! Hahaha.. okay lets get into it!

Hong Kong:
On My Way (TVB - Triumph in the Sky II sub2) - Raymond Lam
Transformation into Butterfly (TVB - Karma Rider sub) - Hubert Wu
Lovers in the Sky (TVB - Triumph in the Sky II sub) - Mag Lam
A Change of Heart (TVB - A Change of Heart) - Niki Chow
Final Blessing (TVB - A Change of Heart sub) - Bosco Wong
Semi Mature Men (TVB - Awfully Lawful) - Pal Shin, Roger Kwok, Johnson Lee, Raymond Cho
Just a Friend - Cilla Kung
The Moon Embracing the Sun - Hubert Wu and Linda Chung
底線 - Corrina Chamberlin
Take My Breath Away (Chinese version) 

Take My Breath Away - Berlin

Hahaha.. yes, there are more Chinese songs this time around. Lol. I've been listening to Final Blessing by Bosco Wong the most and I feel sad each time when I listen to it. I felt like Bosco is singing this song out to Myolie! lol. He had put so much feelings into singing it and I love the lyrics and tune! Its an amazing song.

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