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Monday, August 11, 2008

Moonlight episide 6

In episode 6... Sa yi treat her family to dinner. That was like a dinner before she goes back. The kids were saying.. "Lets hurry and eat, so she can leave and won't come back with a one way ticket" But it turn out that Sa Yi is just leaving for two weeks. That part was funny.. especially Sa yi's face expression. "I'll be back" This episode also told us about how Hong yi got into the family. Linda was the one who helped her mom in breaking up the family. Linda also read the letter that Ray send her years ago. She listen to her mom in saying.. don't keep contact with Ray. So she didn't read the letter he send her. After she read the letter.. she felt bad and guilty in breaking up the family. She ask Ray to come out and meet her. Linda got the courage to tell him that she was the one that broke up your family. If I haven't done that.. you would be the one who is a doctor and the get more education. Linda apologies and Ray just forgive her. I thought that Ray heard that.. he would blow, I guess not.

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