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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Academy 1,2 & 3

One of TVB 2005 series "The Academy" was a great series. Its a 32 episode of Police in Training. A group of students that want to be a police officer. They have to spend 27th day in police training camps. As the story goes on, the bonding between the student and the teacher would grow stronger and stronger.

Everything in this story was well structure and the actors are all well played. One scene was so unpredictable. That scene was when Lee sir played by Michael Miu died. That scene was so unpredictable. It just like came out of no where. But anyway, as the story goes on Ron and Tavia developed feeling for each other. The point is that they are dragging because Tavia family hate Ron. At the end Tavia's brother played by Deep Ng suggest for her to be with him. Samuel and Fiona started to date and they are such a cute couple. They are so adorable.

On the first Beat continue on with the story. They add more people in and took out the two female leads. They add in Michael Tao that is replacing Michael Miu. Sonija Kwok is playing madam and also be Michael wife but they broke up. At the end they ended up together. Ron broke up with Tavia.

Both story was great and well film. The Academy was broadcast in 2005 and On the first Beat broadcast in 2007 and now they had just finish with The Academy 3. I actually can't wait till the release.

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