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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Review - Square Pegs

I found this series interesting and funny. At first I was like how could Leila and Rebbecca trick Jessica into marrying the "stupid guy" (Roger). I just couldn't believe that had happen. Then I realize that the story was about Jessica and Roger.

The story started out with Roger being retarded. Each family has a lost son and when the series started they are already a happy family. Well Roger is supposed to be the Bao Ga son. Well anyways at first both Ding and Bao family is hosting a wedding ceremony. Each family is marrying a girl from the Ling family. Jessica was suppose to married into the Bao family and Leila was suppose to married into the Ding family. Leila didn't want to married into the Ding family so she and her mom trick Jessica into the family. They just put the girl into the wrong carriage. Well the next day each family realized it was the wrong girl and they have to put up to it.. instead of getting a divorce. Mostly the rest of the story is about Jessica and Roger. Then somewhere through the story Pui Gawn played by Winnie Yeung. She came along and trying to get Roger remember her.
Well the hate factor... when Winnie showed up. I find her really greedy. All she wanted was to get Roger back. But Roger is already married to Jessica. Have she ever think what would happen is she take Roger away. What would happen to Jessica. Ughh she is so annoying and greedy. I really hate her in the series.
Roger and Jessica make a lovely couple in here. I really could feel their chemistry. They are very cute couple. I was really happy when Jessica developed feelings for Roger. Roger was so cute in here. Also the moves and his face expression were so cute and funny.
I was so upset about the ending. The ending was just so ughhh. The ending kinda make the series a waste. I wonder who Roger would choose. Till now I'm still upset about the ending. The series is rebroadcasting again on tv. I was really happy to see it again. It was the best series that was broadcast in 2003. The ending just ruined the series. Hate the ending. Well anyways this was a great series. Life made Simple kinda upset me too. Square peg was so much better.

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