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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Moonlight Resonance

I couldn't believe that Moonlight is over. I just finished watching the last episode. And yea I'm way behind on the Moonlight thoughts and screen caps. I'm still learning and trying to make a screen caps so it would be up soon. It felt like it was yesterday that I couldn't wait till Moonlight to be out. And now its over... I'm going to miss Moonlight so much. Which series I like better? HOG or Moonlight? Well I got to say that I like Moonlight better. Moonlight is to good and there won't be a part three. I would love to see a part three but Moonlight is way to good. I'm going to miss it a lot.
Of course everyone would say that Hong Yi is the most annoying person and every time you just want to smack her. I thought of the same too. But I also think that she portrait her character very well and I love to see her evil. Michelle is really good acting evil. I would hope that Michelle won the best actress award for her role in Moonlight. She is so good. I don't really want Tavia, Linda and other young actors to win the best actors award yet. They still have time and chance in the future.

Screen caps and thoughts for Moonlight would be up soon. Also TVB anniversary is coming up soon. Congratulates to everyone who is nominated for this year anniversary ^^

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