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Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Gem of Life

Title: The Gem of Life
Chinese Title: 珠光寶氣 (Ju Gwong Bo Hei)
Casts: Ada Choi, Gigi Lai, Maggie Shiu, Bowie Lam, MosesChan, Bosco Wong, Linda Chung, Lee See kei, Ngok Wai, Wong Hei, etc.
Length: 80 episodes (Cantonese)
Release Date: October 2008
Genre: Grand Production Drama/Epic Blockbuster
Synopsis:You may wish to be a famous socialite. You may wish to have fame and fortune. But is that really what you will wish for at the end?
In Pak Siu Yau’s (Louise Lee See Kei) eyes, her three daughters are just as perfect as diamonds. She believes that the greatest blessing for a woman is to marry a wealthy man. To guarantee a better life for her daughters, she has started training the girls since they were young, hoping that they will marry into the richest families when they mature.
Yau’s first daughter Hong Nga Yin (Maggie Shiu Mei Kei) does not agree with her values. Yet when she sees that the man Yin is going out with is Ko Cheung Sing (Bowie Lam Bo Yi), who is very well-off, she decides to let Yin go with her choice. Yau’s second daughter Hong Nga Tung (Gigi Lai Chi) is hopelessly romantic but does not seem to have much luck with men. To make it up to her, Yau seeks to match her up with Ho Chit Nam (Moses Chan Ho), the son of Hong Kong’s most powerful business tycoon Ho Fung (Ngok Wah). Being the youngest in the family, Hong Nga Sze (Ada Choi Siu Fan) is well aware of Yau’s concerns. Having recovered from divorce, Sze now decides to pin all her hopes on Fung.
Yau’s persistence pays off and her daughters have all found a wealthy husband, but money does not really bring them happiness and the sisters are gradually losing themselves in vanity…

I can't believe that is out. Gem of Life is finally out. I've been waiting for this series to be release for so long. I still remember when, I first heard it. I was so excited and I've been waiting for it. This series took so long to come out is worth the wait. Actually if Moonlight take longer it might even had been better. Moonlight was awesome and I really missed it. I can't wait till I start to watch it. It had made my day ^^
I hope all of you would enjoy this awesome series just like Moonlight. Now this is my 2nd grand production series to watch this year after Moonlight!! Yay ^^ I can't wait.. very Hyper right now xP

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