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Monday, November 10, 2008

金钱诱罪 Money Leads to Crime

TVB Grand Production 2009 [金钱诱罪 Money Leads to Crime ]

Cast would be : Jamie Chik, Kenix Kwok, Gallen Lo, Ray Lui, Nancy Sit, Anita Yuen
and the cast that would join the series are : Benz Hui, Sunny Chan, Bernice Liu, Kenneth Ma, Joe Ma, Krystal Tin, Vincent Wong, Toby Leung, Angelina Lo, Lee Heung Kam, etc...

Begin filiming in November and sales presentation clip.
40 episodes

Money Leads to Crime this series going to be madd intersting and I'm quite excited. I first saw it on Gallen Harbour in the summer and saw it more on other blogs. Now I saw it on In Love With TVB, so it going to be true. Not a rumor and I'm excited now. I'm so excited to see so much Veterns and skilled actors in here and just can't wait. Most of the actors I haven't seen them on screen for so long.
Kenix would be a lawyer and would be in a love triangle with Jamie Chik and Ray Lui. Jamie would be Ray's wife but Kenix is his first love and Soulmate. Jamie and Kenix hates each other. Gallen would have 'rape' scene with Anita and they are a married couple. Wow this were the only news on the series is going around now.
*news from Gallen Harbour, In Love with TVB and other sites*

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